Ten Life Lessons You Learn After Bottoming

First things first, bottoming is only about anal intercourse. Which means, penetrative sex that happens when a penis or a sex toy is inserted into someone’s bumhole. However, this word bottom could mean so many different things to different people. But in general, the partner who is the recipient of anal sex is referred to as a ‘bottom’.

So the guy who’s underneath you (or on top of incase you’re playing the cowboy) is usually called as the “bottom”. The giver is referred to as the “Top”. Now, not everybody is a fan of these ‘top’ and ‘bottom’ terms. Some people consider being called as a bottom is to be seen as a lesser person; more effeminate or submissive/subservient. But others, like Big Brother US star Ragan Fox, have referred to them as “power bottoms” and empowered this term ‘bottom’.

However, once you’ve bottomed some facts about life become crystal clear to you. These are the things you’ll understand about life, only once you’ve finally bottomed. Here are ten of those life changing facts!

1. One Needs Practice To Perfect Anything:

Let’s go back and relive the moments of the first time you ever bottomed. Now, flash forward to the last time you did. Do you realise how different those two experiences are? How much more good and better you are at bottoming? Also, how much more confident are you in your own skin and body?

2. It doesn’t matter how hard you try, but sometimes you end up making a huge mess:

Guys, guys. This is an important life lesson. No matter how hard you try to be prepared for everything – you end up failing at something at some point. Similar to bottoming. And that’s okay. Go ahead, be as prepared and neat as you want. BUT. We are all bound to make a huge mess of things at least once in life.

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3. You find pleasure and joy in the least expected of places:

Just give it a thought. Your ultimate pleasure spot is in your backside. Who knew that there’s this small gland, sized as big as an almond, in your bumhole that an literally make you scream in pleasure?

4. Communication is really important:

Speed up. Slow down, slow down. Stop for a moment. Harder. More lube. No really, go a lot more harder.

Communicate is the key, in life, relationships and during sex. Without communication, it won’t be good for not only you, but your partner as well. In other way, it would be dangerously enjoyable if your partner(s) and you had a clear mode of communication. Honestly, this is one rule that can be applied to any aspect of life.

5. You need to often work out of that pain:

Let it be your mental or physical health. You need to keep constantly working through your pains, to stay happy. Similarly while bottoming, you just need to work that initial pain or hurt out. And once you do, it’s just a pleasure land from then on. Totally worth it.

6. There’s an I AM POSSIBLE in Impossible:

When a guy has pulled out of you, do you ever wonder to yourself, “Oh My God, THAT was inside of me?! How and where did it all go??”

In our everyday routine lives, whenever we come across an obstacle we tend to think it’s just too big for us to solve. Bottoming teaches you that it doesn’t matter how big  the problem is, you can definitely overcome it. There’s nothing too huge in this world, which you can’t handle.

bottoming/bottoming/Ten Life Lessons You Learn After Bottoming
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7. Less is good:

Whenever you engage in some activity, you don’t need to go full house everytime. The best way to have fun is to stay simple, at times. One way to put this is, don’t try to fix it if it’s not broke.

8. But at times, more is so good:

But obviously now, just diving in and going for the kill then again, sometimes you need to go buck-wild. Bring out the paddles, leather, and safe-words. Sometimes doing more is just that. And it feels damn good!

9. You can choose to press pause whenever you think it’s needed:

While intercourse, you can always press the stop button whenever you feel like it. Similarly in life whenever you feel like the place you are at right now, is not something you want; then it’s absolutely ok to press pause. Be it career, education or relationship. You can always stop and take two steps back. Sure, it will need some solid planning but you can always switch things up at any point in life.

10.  Of course there’s more to life than just sex, doesn’t mean you need to sell it short:

We’ve all heard and experienced this real fact – there is so much more to life than just having sex. At the same time though, don’t completely sell it short. It’s fun, intimate and an effective bonding way!

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