Love In Lockdown: Queer Couples Who Triumphed The COVID-19

Love In Lockdown: Queer Couples Who Triumphed The COVID-19

Pairs around the world are struggling to maintain their relationships, during this extremely hard COVID-19 pandemic times. However, there are couples who fought the lockdown obstacles and are still in a happy, passionate relationship. Today, let’s take a look at these queer couples who withstood this crisis with a strong will power.

One of them is a gay couple – dated only for a few months – who found themselves under the same roof; another is a queer couple who – going on strong for the past three years – found themselves suddenly in a long distance relationship because of lockdown rules.

However, what these pairs have in common is their love and affection for another. All they simply did is showing up for each other. From planning online movie nights to taking turns to do chores – they did it all to keep their love flame burning.

Allan and Daniel:

Allan (32) and Daniel (26), who were only seeing each other for eight months, were forced to stay together under the same roof. When the Metro Manila of Philippines enforced community quarantine, Daniel had no choice but to take shelter at Allan’s parents place in Quezon City.

“My parents are very open when it comes these matters,” said Allan, a government employee to the InPop!

Also, Daniel is a hair stylist freelancer, who endured discrimination from his own folks. He comes from a family of cops and soldiers – from his father’s side.

“He doesn’t want his name to be stained, to be humiliated,” he said explaining his father’s opinions about him being gay.

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Before the lockdown, Daniel and Allan met up only on weekends. Allan would pick up Daniel from work and they would hang, eat out or stay for a drink.

These two met each other through a gay dating app. Daniel texted Allan since he saw that he was a dog lover too. As they got to know each other, it was clear that their care for animals translated into how they felt for each other.

Allan felt absolutely refreshing that they spoke about dogs and family. Since the others he met on the app usually only ever spoke about sex. . He also liked the family-oriented nature of Daniel. He even said that Daniel, when compared to his exes, is the only person who reached out to his parents for the traditional gesture of mano, and sought their blessings.

“My parents are happy that he is like that,” Allan said.

Not everyday is a paradise:

Living in the same house, especially during this pandemic, made them see each other’s true colors. They frequently got into arguments over Daniel’s ex, which would end in Allan giving him a cold shoulder.

“I proved to him a number of times how much I love him, which is why I am with him now,” Daniel said.

Furthermore Allan learned to think with a calm and mature mind, “I realized that I need to adjust because he is younger than me; it shouldn’t be that he always has to be understanding of me.”

When it comes to finances and daily chores, they easily found a balanced routine. “At home, when he cooks, I do the dishes and vice versa,” Daniel added.

“I understand that we have responsibilities with our own family so every time we have extra money, we make sure to save it for them,” told Allan.

While in quarantine, the couple have teamed up to work on Allan’s online business. Daniel looks after delivering the orders. He also promotes the business on his Facebook by sharing it with his friends.

“So, I feel like I have a partner in what I do,” said Allan. “He supports me in my work,” added Daniel. “He accepts me completely.”

Rai and Sam:

Rai a 26 year old bisexual woman and Sam a 23 year old lesbian were running in the same circles at a top Manila University. However, they were never exactly buddies. Sam is a graphic artist and Rai is a content editor.

Twitter, combined with their mutual passion for social justice brought them closer. Rai saw that Sam was attacked on Twitter over some political issue, and decided to show her support.

“In my mind, ‘She’s right and also she’s cute,’” Rai added. They then followed each other on Twitter, but it somehow felt like that was it. Their conversation came to an end.

However, things took a turn on one fine night in 2016. Rai, who was alone, tweeted to see if anyone was in the area of her school who she could have dinner with. Sam who’d already developed a crush by now, volunteered although she wasn’t int that same area.

queer couples/queer couples/Love In Lockdown: Queer Couples Who Triumphed The COVID-19
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“I have a thing for girls who are curly-haired,” she quipped. She also said that Rai was the person who intrigued her, and also seemed  “mysterious or intimidating.”

Although they expected their first dinner to be full of awkward silences, they ended up spending hours – just chatting with each other. After a month since the first meeting, this couple admitted what they felt for each other. Since then, they’ve been inseparable for three years.

While doing their masters, the couple were classmates for the first time before the lockdown. After seeing each other physically every day for almost a whole year, the couple had to stay apart for a period of three months. And still counting.

Rai and Sam decided to stay home and separated, even if some restrictions have been loosened. All this is to not get infected by the virus.

Reviving old habits:

Before masters, the couple also happened to not meet everyday – only maximum twice a week. So, they decided to revive some of their previous habits such as their nightly “brief”.

“I would talk about everything that happened to me that day. And then Sam would react,” explains Rai.

Sam said she preferred talking this way, since they both are indulged in tons of work and would rather not be disturbed during the day.

They also have “dates” explained Rai. “Sometimes we’d plan movie nights, or if it’s a monthsary or we want to read a manga, we’d schedule it in.” They would chat and keep in touch virtually, while reading or watching.

The very first thing they wish to do once they finally get to meet is gone – cuddle. Sam added, “[I miss] her presence and physical touch.”

Both agreed they would never change anything about one another. Finally Rai adds, “I hope we become neighbors.”

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