Love, Simon – A Groundbreaking gay Movie

Love, Simon – A Groundbreaking gay Movie

“Love, Simon” is a film of important milestones. Namely, it’s the first mainstream studio romantic comedy told from the perspective of a gay teen. But perhaps the most extraordinary thing about the Fox release is that it’s so ordinary. It’s a classic high school tale set in the kind of anywhere suburbia that most viewers will instantly recognize.

“Moviegoers want to see their stories represented onscreen,” said Nick Robinson, who plays the title character. He is portraying a well-liked teenager who is hiding the fact that he’s gay. “Hopefully, this is not the last. Hopefully, this is the first of many films that show a broader section of life.”


Comparison with other LGBT movies

There’s a precedent for stories about gay teens coming into themselves. At the movies, films with lofty aspirations, from Oscar winner Moonlight to Cannes favorite Blue Is the Warmest Color, have made stirring and provocative art out of growing up–both what it’s like to discover your sexuality and how to reconcile it with the rest of yourself as you becomes an adult. In 2018, Call Me by Your Name, a delicately made film about a teenage boy who learns valuable lessons after having an affair with his father’s assistant, was effectively welcomed into the canon when it was nominated for four Oscars.

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But those films are all squarely aimed at adults. Sure, there might be some teens seeking out Call Me by Your Name, but they’re hardly the traditional target for art-house cinema. The movie Love, Simon represents something new. A look at what it’s like to be a gay teen that’s as slick and mainstream as can be, like any other YA romantic comedy. In the film, Simon (Nick Robinson), a high school senior, enters into an anonymous online romance with a classmate. But neither he nor his email pen pal are out. And both struggle to articulate what seems to Simon–in spite of endless social advantages and a nurturing, liberal-minded family–impossible to say out loud.


They portrayal of the emotions of a gay teen struggling to come out and pursue his romance is mesmerizing. It is a must watch for everyone irrespective of their sexuality.

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