Love, Victor’s Season Two Is Confirmed And We Are Screaming!

Love, Victor’s Season Two Is Confirmed And We Are Screaming!

Yes! Love, Victor is coming back for a season two! There’s definitely a plan in place for what comes next – post the Love, Victor season one’s finale cliffhanger.

The Love, Victor Instagram account declared on August 7th 2020, that this show has been renewed for a second season. This announcement post made with an adorable compilation video of some of Love, Victor‘s cutest moments. 

This post also included the caption, “Attention Creekwood High, we have a special announcement! #LoveVictor will return to @hulu for a second season!”

Fans Are Ecstatic:

With Michael Cimino playing the title role, this series follows Creekwood High’s new pupil Victor Salazar.  As he tests the dating waters and trying to come out of the closet as gay to his family, who are conservative. Exactly a year later the events of Love, Simon, our beloved film. Taking into consideration the fact that season one of this show ended on a major cliffhanger; it is definitely better to know that fans aren’t bound to be wondering and guessing what will happen with Victor and Benji, his latest boy toy.

It’s pretty obvious that Victor’s loyal stans were absolutely ecstatic at this news of this show’s renewal for a season 2. Especially, when many of our favourite queer shows such as Hulu’s High Fidelity are getting chopped off lately.

Season 2 Will Be A Lot More Edgier:

In a conversation with The Hollywood Reporter’s podcast, the Love, Victor producer duo Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger teased “a more complex story” in season two. Since now their hands are not tied up because of the Disney’s rules and brand shackles.

Aptaker the producer, added: “Looking forward, what we’re so excited about being on Hulu, is that we want to tell a show that kind of grows up with his audience.

“Now that we’re on Hulu, there’s really no ceiling to the sort of sophistication and maturity and content that we can have on this show. So we’re in the middle of writing season two right now; and it’s just been so exciting to know that we’re able to just be as honest as we want to be telling stories of what it’s like to be a junior in high school.”

He explained some of the struggles his team faced with Disney Plus: “There were certainly moments, particularly with language, and having teenagers talk a bit more how I think teenagers really talk in the world; where were we on Hulu from the beginning, the show would have would have been a bit edgier in its humour.

“But we’re doing it now, so we’re really excited about these new scripts we’re writing; that don’t that don’t have those limitations.”

Berger also agreed with this: “We lost some jokes that hurt [in season one]. But we’re really happy for the timing, because as we move into season two, we have some really serious relationships that are forming between our characters. And they’re at that time in life where you fall in love and you have sex potentially; with the person you’re in love with.

“I think there’s just a freedom to tell high school stories authentically that we didn’t necessarily feel we had before.”

Season Two Will Address Faith, Race But Not COVID19:

The showrunners disclosed that this second season of Love, Victor will not at all include coronavirus in the plot. They confirmed it: “We feel like the show has enough on its plate… do people really want to watch these kids social distancing and zoom high schooling and wearing masks all the time?”

However, season two show will definitely address the issue of race in United States Of America. Through the eyes of its diverse and varied characters. Berger told: “We’ve had more conversations in the [writers’] room this year about. What are those conversations about race within this group of friends? I think that is something that our show absolutely can bear, whether or not we’re tying it to current events.”

Aptaker teased: “This season we’re going to be exploring in greater depth the family’s faith and how that informs their reaction to Victor being gay.”

We’ve been talking to parents from PFLAG.  Particularly people of faith, and what that struggle is like to reconcile your religion with your love for an LGBTQ child. It’s an incredibly complicated story, and it’s one that I don’t think I’ve seen told on television; in the in the way we’re planning to tell it.”

So Victor and Simon world fans, drop your theories of everything that might happen in season 2 in the comments or DM us on our Instagram – @50shadesofgayofficial.

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