Marvel At These LGBTQ+ Comics Characters!

Marvel At These LGBTQ+ Comics Characters!

What’s more exciting than seeing your favourite comics include people just like you? Okay maybe a couple of things, but this is right on top of that list, nonetheless. Marvel and DC alike, there is a good amount of representation for the community, including A-list characters as well as a multitude of sub characters who make a couple of appearances through and through.

Here are some characters that you probably didn’t know were a part of the LGBT community:

1. Wonder Woman

‘Beautiful as Aphrodite, wise as Athena, swifter than Hermes, and stronger than Hercules, Princess Diana of Themyscira fights for peace in a Man’s World’ – DC Comics. Wonder Woman, one of DC’s strongest and most well-known characters is a bisexual. Creator of Wonder Woman, William Moulton Marston, derived inspiration for the character from his wife Elizabeth and their polyamorous partner Olive Byrne.

We meet Wonder Woman’s first love, Steve Trevor. But soon we see her with multiple interests in men like Superman and Batman through the comic series. We know her to be bisexual because of the hints of her love life in the Amazon – an all-female secret society.

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2. Midnighter

One of the many in the DC Universe, Midnighter is one of the most openly gay characters that exists. He came into existence as a parody version of the famous Batman. But soon Stormwatch – the original comic company, was bought by DC. He came in contact with the same universe that Batman was in. Midnighter is known for his ability to predict a battle before even the first punch comes swinging.

Why is he so openly gay? Cause he has a husband named Apollo – the Sun God: one of the strongest DC characters. At These LGBTQ+ Comics Characters!
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3. Harley Quinn

She started as a small, sub-character in the DC universe. But she soon rose to popularity thanks to her dedicated fans and had her comic created. She’s best known for being the Joker’s +1, less his lover, more his useful sidekick. The comics show a very abusive relationship between the two.  When she is thrown away by the Joker, she attempts to prove her worth by performing a robbery on her own.

This is the moment when she meets popular Poison Ivy, who was stealing plants from the same museum. Poison helps Harley escape and while driving away states that this would be a great start to their friendship. Soon, she was in a relationship with Ivy. At These LGBTQ+ Comics Characters!
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4. Loki

Loki was made out of inspirations from Norse mythology, his overall gender is very questionable, however. He also has multiple children with women as he is a shapeshifter. He also uses this skill to become a woman himself. The comics also show him in multiple instances as both man and woman. Whether he is genderfluid, pansexual or just bisexual is yet to be confirmed, but he sure is part of the community. At These LGBTQ+ Comics Characters!
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5. Deadpool

He’s a pansexual: someone who doesn’t look at gender when they fall for someone. They often refer to themselves as gender blind. He is known for his blunt expressions and has shown interest in both women and men. He also has a very obvious crush on Spider-Man.

Deadpool writer, Gerry Duggan, describes Deadpool as “ready and willing to do anything with a pulse” which can be a very insensitive way to characterize pansexuality. But, kind of works to just Deadpool. The character has been earning the respect of fans from the queer community, which hopes that the franchise will show a more sincere version of his sexuality. But until then, we’ll enjoy the scenes with his wife – Vanessa Carlysle At These LGBTQ+ Comics Characters!

6. IceMan

Iceman is unlike any of the other characters in the list. Known for his role in the original X-Men, he was always known to be straight. It was one of the biggest moments in the character’s story with a multitude of attention from media.

He has always had a complex love-life and was known for dating Rogue in the original X-Men trilogy. There are currently two versions of the character thanks to time travel in the series. A teenage Iceman realizes he is gay after Jean Grey reads his mind. The adult version of the same has been in the closet his whole life, even dating women for years. He was more outed as gay then coming out himself, mostly because of Jean Grey who kind of just shoves him out there. Also, there now exists an Iceman solo series that focuses on his life after he realizes his true sexuality. At These LGBTQ+ Comics Characters!

7. Negasonic Super Warhead:

Negasonic is one of the few characters whose course of time took a drastic turn when she was brought into the screen. One of Deadpool’s snarky sidekick, she had a very minor role in the X-Men comics but rose to have a fanship of her own when her edgy and gothic personality was shown in the blockbuster film. In Deadpool 2, we meet her girlfriend Yukio, who is a complete 180 on Negasonic’s personality. The sweet and bubbly character compliments Negasonic and we see the two very much in love on screen. This makes them the first queer couple to make an appearance in a mainstream superhero movie. At These LGBTQ+ Comics Characters!

8. Northstar

This couldn’t have been about all-out LGBTQ+ representation if the infamous Northstar wasn’t on it. One of the X-Men team members was Northstar who became the first ever superhero to actually come out as gay. There was a lot of LGBTQ+ characters before him, but none as forefront or popular.

Northstar is a Canadian ski champion with a mutant ability to fly. He came out as gay in as early as 1992. In 2012, he finally marries his partner Kyle Jinadu, making them the first same-sex marriage in any of the superhero comics. Back then, X-Men was still very popular and so became a monumental moment in the timeline. He was the one to mark history for the ones to soon follow. At These LGBTQ+ Comics Characters!

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