Meet India’s first drag queen from Kerala, Maya

Meet India’s first drag queen from Kerala, Maya

During the day he is Alex Matthew, a Bangalore based, 27 year old Quality specialist at a Media firm. At night, he becomes Maya, a sultry, sari-clad drag performer, who loves to sing, dance and act. Calling herself an entertainer and with a growing fan base, Mayamma is one of India's first drag queens from Kuttanad, Kerala who hopes to bring a change in the society with her performances. She focuses on issues that affect individualism, gender equality and feminism.


"I started doing drag as a form of expression and outlet for creativity. I wasn't sure where I was heading when I started it. However, this journey has been amazing.

I use the storytelling format to convey issues such as individualism, gender equality, feminism. It's quite exciting to perform in Indian drag because it is not explored as yet.

I received a lot of objections from family and friends but I loved performing and there was no turning back.

No law can put us down because LGBTQIA community is bonded by love and love only."

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