5 Films To Watch If You Loved Call Me By Your Name

5 Films To Watch If You Loved Call Me By Your Name

There are some movies that simply touch our hearts and leave us asking for more! Call Me By Your Name was one such film. It came and enchanted us all with it’s amazing visuals, wonderful acting, emotional coming-of-age storytelling, and sexual experimentation. It became one of the most appreciated and highly acclaimed films of 2017.

As we see the gifted 17-year old Elio, meeting and bonding with Oliver, a doctoral student interning for Elio’s father, amid the shining sun, and the splendid surroundings, we are left breathless and mesmerized. It’s an emotional rollercoaster; sensuous and erotic, exploring self-discovery and maturation.

Well, if you loved Call Me By Your Name, and are looking for more such surreal movies, you have come to the right place. We have for you here a list of 5 nuanced movies full of Queer love!


Brokeback Mountain (2005)

Cast:  Jake GyllenhaalHeath LedgerMichelle Williams

In the hills of Wyoming, ranch hand Ennis and rodeo cowboy Jack, are hired to look over a herd of sheep. While working together, there starts to evolve physical and emotional bond between these two, despite their simple, country upbringings. Yet, they end up marrying their respective girlfriends and their relationship becomes even more complicated, but they continue to follow the magic they discovered on Brokeback Mountain for the first time.


Blue is the warmest color (2013)

Cast:  Léa SeydouxAdèle ExarchopoulosSalim Kechiouche

When Adèle, a French teen, meets Emma, a young art student with blue hair, Adèle’ life is completely changed. Emma helps her explore her desires and teaches her how to assert herself as both a woman and an adult. We witness as Adèle grows, explores herself, loses herself, and eventually, through love and loss, finds herself.

This is a movie about love and freedom, about self-exploration and passion, and about sexuality and emotions.


Carol (2015)

Cast:  Cate BlanchettRooney MaraSarah Paulson

Its the setting of the 50s and Therese, a young woman aspiring to become a photographer, is working in a Manhattan department store. Her life takes a turn when she meets the gorgeous and ethereal Carol. They begin to form a close bond, but when Therese starts to develop intense feelings for Carol, things take a surprising turn. They have to flee from the unbearable, the still-lingering signs of an anti-queer, anti-woman age.

Their love is forbidden, complicated, but absolutely beautiful.


Moonlight (2016)

Cast:  Mahershala AliNaomie HarrisTrevante Rhodes

This movie has a really tender, but deeply moving journey of a young black man named Chiron, who is struggling to find himself. This movies is narrated through three defining arcs of his life as he encounters the ecstasy, agony, and beauty of falling in love while dealing with his own sexuality. His incredible journey to manhood is driven by the care, support and love of the community that helped raise him.


God’s own country (2017)

Cast:  Josh O’ConnorAlec SecareanuGemma Jones

In the wilderness of northern England, Johnny Saxby works tirelessly on his family’s remote farm. He is alone and believes his existence to be meaningless and he numbs and tries to suppress these feelings with frequent binge-drinking at the local bar and casual sex. But Johnny unexpectedly finds himself having to deal with new emotions he has never felt before; when a handsome Romanian migrant worker arrives to take up temporary work on the family farm. During the lambing season, and as they begin working closely together, an intense relationship begins to develop that could forever change the life of Johnny. Thus, the arrival of Gheorghe Ionescu paves a new path for Johnny.

What Are You Waiting For?

All of these movies will take you into a trance, where you will feel nothing but the intensity of emotions that these characters feel and the hand of destiny which plays a big role in setting the scene. These 5 movies are the perfect way for you to dive into the magic of sensuous relationships between two very different and yet quite similar people. If you want to feel the enchantment of ‘Call Me By Your Name’ again and want to get lost in the stories of two people brought together by fate; then these are the movies you should watch next. If you want to experience the astounding visuals and the outstanding cinematography, then these movies are the perfect choice for you!

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