Mr. Gay World 2020 Is A COVID-19 Survivor

Mr. Gay World 2020 Is A COVID-19 Survivor

Let’s hear it for the new Mr. Gay World y’all!

Mr. Gay World has crowned a new worthy person every year, since 2009. Given the current pandemic circumstances, the event was postponed for the first time this year. The organizers hence decided to choose a 2020 winner, since the current Mr. Gay 2019 has to be replaced. As a result, Francisco José Alvarado, a 30-year-old person who recently fought the virus was crowned.

Mr. Gay World 2020 is a doctor:

The 30 year old Francisco José Alvarado is a Spanish doc.

Amidst these unusual pandemic circumstances for the competition, his reign began. The Mr. Gay World organisation seeks to choose a global ambassador for LGBTQIA+ rights, after it was forced to postpone this year’s contest to 2021. Due to the rona pandemic.

Given the no-competition situation the organizers concluded that Alvarado – 2019’s first runner-up – would take over the reign, till next year’s competition.

“It is unfortunate that we are postponing this year’s event to March 2021 but we will be back greater and stronger. In these unprecedented times we lead by example and by the ability to cope with change and adjust,” Eric Butter, President of Mr. Gay World, said in a statement. He is also the owner and founder. “The contest will take place in Johannesburg from the 21st to the 28th of March, 2021. I am very much looking forward to it as this is the second time it will be held in Johannesburg. The first was in 2012 and it was one of the best Mr. Gay World™ events ever.”

Butter profusely thanked Carlos for his hard work during his reign as Mr. Gay World. He also told that Alvarado “will contribute and will ensure that a diverse range of projects and ideas are executed to advance LGBTQ+ rights and the community in general.”

Alvarado fought the coronavirus, before he was crowned:

Alvarado was crowned Mr. Gay Pride España in 2018. He is also a doctor, and works at the Lavapiés Health Center in Madrid.

Alvarado had a chat with the Spanish media outlet Redacción Médica regarding him being named the title, and his recent experience with COVID-19. He said that his symptoms started to come out on March 10, in a translation by Queerty.

“I began to notice them while on duty at the hospital,” Alvarado told. “It started with a dry cough, but we were in a moment of collective chaos, so I didn’t pay much attention to it.”

Alvarado told that he was suffering from muscle aches and fatigue, the next day. But since he was working on 24 hour shifts, he brushed it off as “normal that you have the feeling that you have been beaten.”

“It was hard to tell if that usual tiredness was from work or the symptoms,” he told.

Later once his symptoms hit the peak, on 12th March he was tested positive for the virus. He self quarantined in his shared apartment room for a whole period of 19 days. However Alvarado told that his symptoms lasted only for six days.

“When I told my grandmother she burst into tears,” he added. “Little was known about the disease at the time and there was fear of uncertainty.”

He gave the tests again on March 31, and fortunately they came back as negative. Alvarado returned back to work since April 3. He learned about his new title as Mr. Gay World, at work.

Alvarado is truly ecstatic:

“I was at the health center when they told me,” he explained, saying that this news as an “injection of fresh air in the circumstances we’re living.”

Along with warning about the severity of the virus, Alvarado added that the conditions at the hospital have began to take its toll on the staff.

“This is my sixth year working and I’ve never seen patients so bad every day,” he told. “There were patients who were fine one day and the next they had very high fever spikes and low oxygen saturation.”

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Regarding his fellow health care workers, he told, “The tiredness…is already noticeable. We are more irascible and [have] much less patience.”

Spain has heavily been affected by the COVID-19, with 280,000 and more confirmed cases and nearly 28,000 deaths.

However, the signs are pointing towards the end of the pandemic, since the country registered its minimum daily death toll in almost three months.

In his time as Mr. Gay World, Alvarado said that he will focus on combating discrimination in health care, along with the wider society.

“[Thirty] years ago, the World Health Organization [delisted] homosexuality [as a] mental illness,” he added. “Today, in 2020, there is still talk of conversion therapies to cure homosexuality.”

He also called out for those health care professionals that “are not able to set aside their moral judgments” when treating patients who are LGBTQIA+.

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