Oral Sex Can You Give You Cancer Says A Recent Study

Oral Sex Can You Give You Cancer Says A Recent Study

What if we told you that blowjobs can give you CANCER! That’s right, read on to find out if it’s true or not!

A recent study published in the peer approved journal, Cancer, of the American Cancer Society says that having too many oral sex partners could expose you to a higher risk of getting HPV-related mouth and throat cancers.

This study is conducted by a full team of Johns Hopkins University’s researchers who have surveyed more than 500 people; regarding their regular sexual activities. Surprisingly, one third of these participants got diagnosed with HPV – Human Papillomavirus; and the other two thirds thankfully did not.

What Is the HPV Cancer?

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is a viral infection which is transferred from person to person by means of skin-to-skin contact. There are over 100 varieties of HPV, and over forty of them are transferred plainly through sexual contact. This sexually transferred cancer could affect your throat, mouth and genitals.

If You Have More Than Ten Sexual Partners, Then You Have A Higher Chance Of HPV:

The study basically states that people who had ten or more oral sex partners previously are 4.3 times more likely to get either variations of the HPV cancer; throat or mouth.

People who started their oral sex journey at a very young age, people who recently had a big number of sexual partners in a short period of time and those who are indulging in extra marital affairs; they also have a high chance of coming in contact with HPV related cancer said the study.

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“Our study builds on previous research to demonstrate that it is not only the number of oral sexual partners, but also other factors; not previously appreciated that contribute to the risk of exposure to HPV orally and subsequent HPV-related oropharyngeal cancer,” said Virginia Drake, MD, the one who conducted the study.

“We have uncovered additional nuances of how and why some people may develop this cancer; which may help identify those at greater risk.”

This study further shows that people who end up giving oral sex before rocking the bed with their partner – for the very first time; are at an even higher risk of coming in contact and becoming infected with the HPV. The reason for this is very simple. According to these researchers, a first and initial exposure to HPV through the genitals ends up in a “robust immune response”; eventually preparing the human body to fight the virus whenever it is introduced to them orally. The people who directly do the oral before the main deed lack this specific immune response. Hence placing them in a position where they are at a very high risk of the infection.

Go for a safer oral sex session:

The best way to avoid getting in contact with the HPV cancer is by following safer sex practices. That’s right, using condoms even while indulging in some oral fun. This condom will act as a protective shield and barrier between the mouth and the genitals. Of course, for men it’s a condom and for women it’s a dam – a very thin, square soft plastic.

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The perfect method to escape the HPV related throat cancer bullet is, obviously, vaccination. However, to be eligible for this specific vaccine one needs to meet a certain criteria list. What’s good news here is the fact that the HPV-related cancer is ninety-nine percent preventable through a vaccine; since only one percent of the different variations of the HPV may or may not be a part of this vaccination.

Even if you end up failing to meet the criteria list of the vaccine – fear not. It is still possible to prevent it by cutting down your sexual partners to six in any given period of time. If the number goes up than six, then you are multiplying the chances of getting the cancer on your own. Do not forget – never ever skip the condom for oral sex either. This one small precaution will forever save you from the possible infection to a great extent.

Overall, the study never specifically proved that oral sex DOES lead to cancer. It only says that more number of sexual partners/risk involving sexual activities might get you infected.

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