Parents Are Throwing Their LGBTQ Kids Out, Even Under Lockdown

Parents Are Throwing Their LGBTQ Kids Out, Even Under Lockdown

It’s a known fact that LGBTQ kids are stuck in toxic environments, such as homophobic families, due to the coronavirus pandemic. Now, kids who are being discovered that they do not belong with the gender binary by their parents – are thrown out of their homes, amid the current lockdown situation. What’s more, straight kids are lashing out at their own LGBT parents and kicking them out of their houses.

LGBTQ Kids, Teens, Are Striking Out, amid lockdown:

Homeless state of the LGBT, rejection by homophobic parents are nothing new. But homelessness in the pandemic context and kids lashing out at their own anti-LGBT folks is shocking and surprising.

LGBT teens who have never said a word back to their parents previously, are now reverting with abusive and hateful comments said Rachel Ellis. She is from the LGBT Foundation and explains the reasons why this is happening, in a conversation with BuzzFeed News.

“They’re trapped in the house, cooped up, and haven’t got anyone to let their frustrations out on except their parents,” she said.

Certain parents who have suffered enough preconception from the people outside their homes, are now taking the entire blame. For whatever is happening in their own homes. And they are failing at understanding, the reasons why it’s happening. Ellis, even after years of research and casework, said that she never dealt with such a problem before the lockdown. “It’s something I’m seeing more and more in the past month”, she said to BuzzFeed News.

LGBT Are Exposed To Danger, Now More Than Ever:

Many organizations that help LGBTQIA+ who are victims of abuse, and of the recent abuse survivors have warned that a new array of dangers will be faced by the community. While this coronavirus lockdown.

These charities said that the threats because of staying in, can vary from the normal population. Which is nothing but releasing intolerant nature, that is often dormant. As a consequence, the LGBTQIA+ people are exposed to many risks of hate crimes, violence, grooming and specifically homelessness.

under lockdown/under lockdown/Parents Are Throwing Their LGBTQ Kids Out, Even Under Lockdown
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“You’re dead to me,” were the last words said to a girl, last week.  As her clothes thrown out on roads, stuffed in bin bags, told a youth worker to BuzzFeed News, from Albert Kennedy.

Even the ones with homes, are finding ways to escape:

Many are fearing to accept the temporary lodging offered by the government, because of anti-LGBTQ environments at B&Bs and shelters. Even after being made homeless. Instead they are choosing bus shelters or a car as an alternative.

Other part of the LGBT youth, who are stuck with homophobic families, are preferring sex work. Also known as “survival sex”, this is just to escape the anti-LGBTQ situation at homes, temporarily. What typically happens is, search for partners on hook up apps, who are offering them a night stay, as an exchange for sex. Despite all those social isolation orders, that are present right now.

And some others, try to escape the in-house hatred like this – going back to the closet, ignoring their own sexual or gender identity. Even more, confining themselves to the walls of their bedrooms, every hour of the day.

However, it is not only young LGBTQIA+. The middle aged people from the community are also facing many problems. Such as lockdown induced domestic abuse, and going back to stay with homophobic families after years of leaving them behind.

 SJ Wyatt is a 54 year old non binary individual from London. She was kicked out of her housing by another resident. “She said, ‘If you don’t kill yourself, I’ll do it for you,’” Wyatt said to BuzzFeed News.

Sex Work Is Not The Solution:

“I was talking with a young person yesterday whose mother threw a hot drink over them,” said Nathan East to BuzzFeed News. He is a caseworker from the Albert Kennedy Trust. “There is a lot of violence and I’ve been asking young people, ‘did this happen before the lockdown?’ and a lot of the responses are, ‘Well, before, I used to go out and have this network [of support].’”

Usually LGBT youth people who are with hostile families, “they will go and stay with their friends a couple of nights a week, or go to some queer spaces to break it up”, said East. But because of the lockdown, all their escape routes are closed off. So they are opting sex work as a temporary escape, since the family pressure is just unbearable.

under lockdown/under lockdown/Parents Are Throwing Their LGBTQ Kids Out, Even Under Lockdown
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“So they will go and do sex work. Use Grindr. Use survival sex instead of being at home. What we get a lot is people saying, ‘I’m emotionally and mentally drained, I can’t be here, I think I’ll just go on apps.’”, told East.

It can lead to many other problems, than solving any:

The most important issue with LGBT youth is that, they are not seeing the posed danger. Their desperate need for an escape is making them turn a blind eye. “They think they’re in control,” told East. “That it’s OK, that ‘I’ll just do it once’.”


But the kind of men offering a place for a night ot two, can turn out to be more dangerous. This is also a major concern amid the pandemic, if not less. “They’re people who could dabble in more risky behaviour,” he told. And the worst case is, “We have young people who say they don’t want to do things that they were forced to do when they’ve used sex in exchange for places to stay.”

The ones who are not going out, are locking up themselves all the time in their bedroom. Just to completely avoid their folks. Only because, if they don’t see their faces, there is less chance of verbal or physical assault.  “There’s a lot of emotional abuse — being told you’re worth nothing,” told East.

But remember guys, leaving for a couple of nights or hiding in your rooms is not a permanent solution to this. It doesn’t always help you escape it all.

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