MU Revolution: JOIN US!

MU Revolution: JOIN US!

The makeup industry is due a revolution and we think it’s time the LGBTQ community made it happen.

A line to overcome the huge gap in the world of makeup where products for the LGBTQ are of a serious shortage is what we need.
Stubble or tattoos you want to hide, a light natural makeup you would want to wear before you head to work, or makeup that you could wear to the pride parade, we recognize that there is not enough in the market.

And that’s why we here at Fifty Shades of Gay, a community page run by Laudco Media are excited to have all you lovely members join us to create products that you and the LGBTQ+ community will adore.


If you want to be a part of the MURevolution,

provide your details using the link below

or message “MURevolution” on Whatsapp to register.

+91 6363348527


We hope to see you take part in revolutionizing the world!

(or well, at least India)


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