Pissi Myles Drag-ging Into The Impeachment Inquiry Is Exactly What We Need

Pissi Myles Drag-ging Into The Impeachment Inquiry Is Exactly What We Need

Pissi Myles. You know her as the winner of Philly Drag Wars. And probably seen her on the Miss Fish NYC contests. This dragqueen decided to drop down into a political meet in her drag persona. She strutted into the Congressional building where the first public impeachment hearing of the Trump-Ukraine.

She caught attention as soon as she entered the premises. With Scarlet hair, blonde wig, and stilettos that got her walking like the biggest deal in the room, she quickly earned the name lady in red.

The star first caught attention on the social media sites when Heidi Przybyla, the NBC correspondent got a picture of Myles right outside of the hearings.

Also, Jan Schakowsky, the Illinois Democratic representative who happened to be in her brilliant red suit bumped into Myles. She quickly tucked herself under the tall dragqueen and snapped a picture before she shared it on Facebook.

She captioned it “So glad Pissi Myles and I were matching!”

This Means Business

The first question for most people when they learnt of the lady in red was simply, why was she there? Well, its nothing scandalous. She was just covering the event for Happs. Happs is a live news startup. The queen pulled out her pink smartphone and broadcasted the event live. Well, that’s one way to do it, right?

Especially when you are surrounded by officials in sober coloured outfits, it’s easier to walk around when people can see you clearly from pretty far away. You would think she had an issue with the security while entering the building, but it was a smooth walk in.

She obviously was able to get in on the action and right at the heart of it all. She told NBC news,

“Tensions are high, and the bar for who’s allowed in the Longworth House is very, very low,”


She went onto express her take on the significance of the testimony that day.

“We’ve heard people saying it was all about quid-pro-quo but today we actually got to hear the testimony and hear what the actual elements of that were … Everyone is so divided. It’s really the most polarizing political activity I’ve seen in a very long time.”

Staying to the point but not taking away from her appearance and choice to be in drag, Myles conquered what she set out to.


Lady In Red

She soon became a hit on Twitter and received a ton of comments about her appearance. Here’s what she had to say about people’s reactions to her attire.

“It’s pretty crazy. I’m apparently being referred to as the lady in red, I’ve been called Ruby Giuliani. It’s a little offensive to me that they would assume I took a side in this conversation.”


Okay, being compared to the former Mayor of New York City is trivial, but the lady in red is kind of endearing. Who wouldn’t want to watch a drag queen rip apart news and feed it to us raw and real?

Tweet, tweet, tweet.

Many people reacted to her presence at the hearing. Mostly, positively. She said that it was important for the LGBTQ+ community and streamed the on-goings through her phone, she noticed the crucial determinants of the hearing. From the quality of witnesses who were called in, to calling attention to issues that affect the LGBTQ+ community without losing focus in the myriad of news, she’s done it all. And before.

According to Advocate, the popular performer has earlier refused to comment on issues that were overtly political. She believes that the community must focus on things that affect them. She is also known to celebrate the historical icons of the LGBTQ+ community. So to see her at a political meet of this degree is refreshing and reimposing of how important political involvement can be.

The Diva is Female Version of A Hustler

The diva is clearly is a hustler, she stood there in her long heeled stilettos and made notes. Even though the meet did not necessarily end on a high note, her presence was enough to cause a stir. But do you know what made the hearing so important to the LGBTQ+ community? Myles Drag-ging Into The Impeachment Inquiry Is Exactly What We Need
Image Courtesy: Men’s Variety

According to Washington Blade, the U.S. president, Donald Trump “asked Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky to coordinate with Rudy Giuliani and Attorney General William Barr in the investigation — stopped short of supporting outright impeachment.”

Now, we know that Trump has strongly been on the anti-LGBTQ+ wagon since the beginning of his term. To add to this, the CEO of Victory Fund has also stated that Mission Creep is detrimental to the LGBTQ+ community.

So having the New Jersey drag comedian, singer, and hostess take on the event headfirst is pretty relieving.  Would you want to watch more drag queens decipher LGBTQ+ politics?



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