Planning for your next Queer Wedding ? Here are a few tips…

Planning for your next Queer Wedding ? Here are a few tips…

A Queer Wedding is a ceremony of two people united in marriage. It is the marriage of same-sex or gender into a civil or religious ceremony. Wedding traditions and customs vary greatly between different religions, ethnic groups, countries and social classes.

Most Indian wedding ceremonies involve marriage vows by the couple offering, rings, symbolic item, flowers, money, dress and a public proclamation of marriage by an authority figure or celebrant.

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While some cultures have adopted the Western tradition of the White Wedding. The use of wedding rings has been a part of the white wedding ceremony.

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Special wedding outfits are worn and the wedding is followed by a Reception.

Legal in Countries:

Same-sex marriage is legally performed and recognized nationwide or in some jurisdictions like Australia, Brazil, Belgium, Canada, Portugal, South Africa. India is also slowly legalizing and accepting same-sex marriages.

A few tips on hiring a venue:

The most important part about planning your wedding will be choosing the perfect venue to hold your celebration. There are dozens of things to consider when it comes to narrowing down your choices:

  • Privacy:

Weddings are private for so many reasons and by booking an exclusive use wedding venue. You’re guaranteed complete exclusivity and privacy from the moment you arrive at your venue on the morning of your wedding until you leave as a married couple the following day.

the venue team managing your day and any suppliers you hire to decorate your venue will be the only people on site aside from the family and friends you choose to be there.

  • Flexibility:

The beauty of hiring a wedding venue on an exclusive use basis is that you can transform it into whatever style you want, for the duration of your event. The planning team at the venue can advise and point you in the direction of the right suppliers who can help make your day look spectacular.

  • Budget:

No one likes talking about money, but when it comes to booking a wedding, a budget must be discussed and agreed on by everyone. Every wedding venue will offer something different, but by hiring a wedding planner will ensure that your guests have everything that they need to enjoy your special occasion to the full.

  • Personal Service:

At an exclusive use wedding venue, all of the attention and focus will be on you; from the moment you request a brochure until the day of your wedding and throughout. The team will ensure that every requirement is taken care of.

  • Recommended Suppliers:

Exclusive use wedding venues tend to have a selection of wedding suppliers who they work with and trust. Whether you’re planning a last-minute wedding and are in need to book suppliers in a hurry, or you have plenty of time to plan your day but want to book suppliers with a good reputation, see if your exclusive use wedding venue can point you in the direction of suppliers.

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Above were a few tips you need to keep in mind while choosing a venue for the special day.

Let’s talk about essentials required for a  perfect LGBTQ+ Wedding:

  1. Finding a Perfect Ring:

Almost 90 percent of LGBTQ couples wear wedding rings, although men were far less interested in engagement rings. While buying rings consider these tips:

  • Shop Together
  • Research for potential metals, and stones to get the perfect stone for you and your loved one.
  • Make sure you get a ring that makes a statement if you want to.
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2. Planning your Queer Bachelorette:

Everyone deserves to have a little fun before they walk down the aisle, and if there’s one group who knows how to party, it’s LGBTQs.When it comes to pre-wedding celebrations, don’t be afraid to pull out all the stops or simply add a naughty straw to your decorative drink.

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3.Incorporation of Spiritual Blessings:

While the reading of religious verses is an integral part of many weddings in the Western world, the tradition is less strong for same-sex couples, many of whom have been made to feel unwelcome in the churches they were raised in.

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4. Make your Invitation Queer Friendly:

These days, choosing and customizing your event invitation is as simple as the click of a mouse — or is it? With so many online printers to choose from, deciding on the perfect invite can be overwhelming.

Have a nice assortment of elegant, economical, and LGBTQ-friendly invitation designs to size up — from fancy to casual, feminine to masculine, floral to sleek.

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5. Wedding Guides:

You can also refer to a Queer wedding guide available near you. There are hundreds of books available in the market regarding the same.

It would help you in understanding the tips required to have a hassle-free wedding.

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