Polish Gay Couple Hand Out Masks And Fight Both COVID-19 And Homophobia

Polish Gay Couple Hand Out Masks And Fight Both COVID-19 And Homophobia

Poland has been in the news recently for all the wrong reasons. Poland has decided to have ‘LGBT free’ zones and more than a third of the countries municipalities have decided to follow this resolution. Dawid Mycek and Jakub Kwiecinski, however, are unfazed. They are a gay couple who decided to fight against discrimination with kindness and positivity amidst the current coronavirus pandemic.

The gay couple’s initiative

Couple fight COVID-19 and LGBT-free zones/gay couple/Polish Gay Couple Hand Out Masks And Fight Both COVID-19 And Homophobia
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The gay couple David and Jakub shared their initiative via a Youtube video. Talking about this project they said,

“Basic protection measures are lacking, and masks have become scarce products. That is why we made our masks and we will give them out to people. But our masks are really unique because they are rainbow! So called by many, the ‘LGBT plague’ is helping to protect people from a real plague.”

Jakub said all of this started with him borrowing a sewing machine from his grandmother. They then started making masks. The couple made around 300 masks and started giving them out for free. They did this on the streets of the tri-city towns of Gdańsk, Gdynia, and Sopot.

The reaction that people had in the Youtube video was overwhelmingly positive in spite of some tense moments.

One man asked if the masks came in other colors. But, the couple confidently replied: “No.” A while later,  a security guard approached them to tell them they were in a “private area”. But even he quickly added: “But when you come with such a great initiative, I don’t mind.”

Jakub Kwiecinski handed a mask to a man loading up a truck and said, “It’s rainbow, and I know you are an ally”.  The stranger responded by saying, “I’m not against it.”

Jakub also said:

“Many LGBT-free zones were created in our country so we were a bit afraid how people would react but they were really touched by our idea. I think they really appreciated that someone cared about their health. It was great to see that rainbow didn’t scare people but will help them stay safe… Many of Polish people call us a plague, so we thought if we help people overcome real plague, they might change their mind. I know it’s naive, but if we can do something good then why not?”


Here is the full video: 

This is a very welcome and well thought out act by the gay couple. Facemasks are in shortage in Europe and scam facemask websites have been rampant. Authorities have recommended that people use alternative facemasks made out of cotton if they need to go out.


Not the first time for the couple

This isn’t the couple’s first time doing something of this sort. The couple had previously made a fan video for a song in 2016 that got quite a bit of attention on Youtube. They also got a lot of hate and death threats. The couple has responded to hate with positivity.

Kwiecinski had said at the time, “Our video became popular in Poland but fame came in pair with hate and threats. We received many messages like: ‘You should be sent to gas chamber,’ ‘I will cut your throat when I meet you,’ ‘Your neighbors are coming after you.’”

He also said, “No matter if you are boy or girl, young or old, gay or lesbian or heterosexual – everyone needs somebody. What really counts is love.”

Hear, hear.

About Poland’s ‘LGBT free’ zones

 anti-lgbt/gay couple/Polish Gay Couple Hand Out Masks And Fight Both COVID-19 And Homophobia
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Poland is not a country that is new to anti-LGBT propaganda. But, this new idea of putting a halt to all LGBT propaganda was an initiative taken up by the Law and Justice Party (PiS). PiS is Poland’s new majority party, which is led by Jaroslaw Kaczynski and the party succeeded in winning last fall. After the win, an area that is equivalent to the size of Hungary was turned into an effective ‘LGBT free’ zone. The data from official sources by the informal human rights activists collectives show that almost 100 municipalities have taken up this resolution.

Kaczynski told his supporters, “We don’t have to stand under the rainbow flag.”

He also urged his supporters and Poland’s citizens to save their families from Western influence and decadence. Kaczynski further claimed, “All those people who support the LGBTQ threaten our identity, threaten our nation, threaten the Polish state.”

Following this, Pride marches were attacked and businesses were also incentivised for LGBTQ “free” ideology promotions. A magazine even gave away “LGBT-FREE” stickers with its publication copies.

The LGBT+ community in Poland is struggling to deal with the whole situation. Guy Verhofstadt, a liberal MEP said, “I want to show the monster that the politicians are fighting with. That we are not an abstract being, an ideology, but real flesh and blood people who must live in these places. They are ordinary people, with ordinary lives but perceived as a threat by the local government. Maybe after this project, they will look differently at these LGBT-people.”



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