PrEP+ is Also the Name of The Queer Club Night now! Kudos Frank Ocean!

PrEP+ is Also the Name of The Queer Club Night now! Kudos Frank Ocean!

Queer clubs have finally arrived. All across the world, including India has seen a sudden popping up of clubs where the LGBTQ+ can mingle and have a great time. We are finally creating safe spaces for people to be out and proud. Now Frank Ocean has taken things a step further for us to look for inspiration with PrEP+.

Frank Ocean is a popular American singer and rapper. He is also a Grammy awardee. The star celebrity is worth millions. And he has now decided to partake in a club night that people can use as a safe queer space to dance away the night! York/PrEP+ is Also the Name of The Queer Club Night now! Kudos Frank Ocean!
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HIV and its treatment have been kept under wraps and hushed for far too long. It has been treated as taboo, and few rarely have the courage to talk about it. But now, with many celebrities coming out and speaking about being HIV poz, we can hope for a gradual decrease in HIV-related negative perceptions.

And PrEP+ is its Name-O

The club night is clearly named after the HIV-preventing drugs. And that on its own is all the statement that he will ever need to make. The name is outright and bold, just like the perception and reaction to HIV should be. Recently, a few countries have made PrEP+ locally available and educating masses about HIV. And this event will just add to the awareness creation.

The out ‘Thinking Bout You’ musician has enjoyed his fame and celebrated under the spotlight for several years now. His new initiative adds to the star he is, and we are not complaining. He deserves a round of applause. Also, thanks to the event, we will see him co-hosting the New York City club night which is to happen on Thursday.

Although, many details of the event are still vague. This includes the DJ line-up and the location of the ticketed event. They are still clearly under wraps for those who are not in “the know ahead” of the launch.

In a release, it was also discussed that PrEP+ would be the first in a series of nights. And it was an ongoing safe space dedicated to bringing people together and to dance.

A Homage to the 1980s

The Pink News quoted the release,
“The night is named PrEP+ as an homage to what could have been of the 1980s NYC club scene if the drug PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) – which can be taken daily to prevent HIV/AIDS for those who are not infected but are at high risk – had been invented in that era.”

And the added information on the release is that “PrEP+ will welcome globally celebrated DJs. PrEP+ welcomes everyone.”

The rules of the night are also quite interesting and definitely important. The specifications of the rules include “No photos or videos are allowed. Consent is mandatory.” They also say “Zero tolerance for racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, ableism or any form of discrimination. The dance floor is for dancing.”

Good music, good vibes, safe space, and New York City! It sounds like the perfect club night! York/PrEP+ is Also the Name of The Queer Club Night now! Kudos Frank Ocean!
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Frank Ocean has teased interest in the Club scene

In an interview with W Magazine, Ocean had previously mentioned that he had been thinking about nightlife.

In the interview, he teased,

“I’ve been interested in club, and the many different iterations of nightlife for music and songs. And so the things I look at now have a lot to do with those scenes: Detroit, Chicago, techno, house, French electronic.”


Frank Ocean has a nostalgic connection with the event. The reminisces of growing up. “I grew up in New Orleans, so the closest to the nightlife scene for me was New Orleans bounce, and that was a lot of trends,” he said. Bringing alive memories of the time spent and culminating it with the amazing music that he makes today, the night is sure to deliver some amazing moments. Not just for the attendees but also for the performers.

And Ocean agrees, “But it’s (memories from New Orleans) so much a part of my childhood and my youth that I don’t really go back to it so much as a touchpoint. I’m really looking forward. It’s kind of a mix for me.”

What do you think one can hope to see on the night or the series of nights at the PrEP+ club night? Since we don’t have a lot of concrete information, one can dream and hope for more fun events! But honestly, this event has already set high expectations. Only time will tell if this inspires more clubs across New York, and countries to take up similar projects and make the world taboo-free.

What do you think? Feel free to comment and let us know your thoughts and ideas!

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