Celebrating Pride 2020 With These Queer Shows And Movies

Celebrating Pride 2020 With These Queer Shows And Movies

Every year, June is officially for the celebrations of Global Pride Month. Pride Month as we all know, is celebrated annually to remember the Stonewall riots and the contributions of LGBTQIA+ individuals. Every year community people go on Pride parades, parties, and celebrate their freedom and visibility.

However, the current pandemic has pressed pause on all the wonderful celebratory Pride events this year. They are very few in-person celebrations happening, due to COVID-19. But, who said we can’t celebrate at home? Here’s a list of queer shows and movies to binge, in June 2020.

Love, Victor (2020):

Created by Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger, Love, Victor is an American teen drama television web series. It is set in the world of Love, Simon a 2018 film. It also inspired by the same. This series globally premiered on the 19th of June. Furthermore, this show can be found on Hulu and it is produced by 20th Century Fox Television. The showrunners are however, Aptaker and Berger.

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Victor, played by Michael Cimino is a teenager who comes from a Colombian-Puerto Rican family that lives in Atlanta. The story follows this 16-year-old high schooler’s journey as he adjusts the move to Atlanta and struggles to identify his sexual orientation.

“Despite the differences between their leads, Love, Victor conforms exactly to the narrative shape and modest, crowd-pleasing ambitions of the film that preceded it”, read a review. 

Euphoria (2019):

This show is an adaptation of the original in Israeli, which has the same name. The plot revolves around a 17 year old drug addict Rue who is fresh out of rehab and has no ideas of staying clean. Rue’s life also involves a transgender girl named Jules, who is trying to figure out where she belongs; Nate, a jock who masks his sexual insecurities under the veil of anger issues; Chris a star footballer that is finding the upgrade from high school to college a tad bit harder than expected; Cassie who is constantly followed by her sexual history and finally Kat, a teen who is exploring her sexuality and is body conscious. As these classmates struggle through life and understand what their future holds, this series handles the teenage playgrounds of parties where substance is enhanced and their anxious daily lives filled with empathy and candor.

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Zendaya plays Rue in this series, who also pursues the romantic attraction to her best friend Jules. Euphoria successfully represents various identities and issues of the LGBTQ. This show is available for streaming on HBO Max or on Hulu with HBO add on.

“It’s whip smart, often funny, sometimes sad and, hands down, the best new show of 2019”, reads a review.

Pose (2018):

This show is a modern re-telling of the ballroom cultures that are found in “Paris is Burning”. It’s of two seasons and can be found on Netflix. The show follows a ballroom “house”, in the late 80s to the beginning of 90s. It documents the competitions, lives of New Yorkers back in the day and their hardships with HIV. AIDS is the disease that wreaked havoc on the Black LGBTQIA+ community, back in the day. Ryan Murphy re created this show.

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“Pose delivers a fabulous look at 80s ball culture while breaking ground for trans women, people of color, and the LGBTQ community as a whole”, reads one of the reviews.

Paris is Burning (1990):

The drag culture of the 1980s New York City is the true example of the term “realness”. Paris Is Burning is a documentary that explores the drag queens and their ballroom cultures. It also deals with the queer community of New York City and their “house” cultures. To celebrate fashion and different identities, groups from various houses participate in extravagant ballroom competitions. Furthermore this documentary speaks volumes about poverty, racial abuse and violence the members of the community face on a daily basis.

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Also, this movie is available on YouTube for free streaming.

Rafiki (2018):

The plot of this movie revolves around two women in Nairobi whose lives cross when their dads become political opponents. As a result, what follows is a beautiful, glorious yet a very much secret love affair. However, this affair becomes a scandal when their relationship comes under the intense and scary scrutiny of the neighborhood.

queer shows/queer shows/Celebrating Pride 2020 With These Queer Shows
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Interestingly enough, the Kenya Film Classification Board banned Rafiki. Because of its “clear intent to promote lesbianism in Kenya contrary to the law”.

What are you waiting for? Grab some popcorn, junk food, beer (if possible) and strap in for a movie night. Or a weekend binge session. Whatever your heart wants. Enjoy!

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