Priyanshu Talks About His Involvement In The LGBTQ Community

Priyanshu Talks About His Involvement In The LGBTQ Community

Priyanshu took part in FSOG’s WhatsApp contest and was one of the runner-ups for the contest. He was super excited to tell us his journey as a gay boy and how he tries to lend support to the LGBTQ community and bring about change

Priyanshu Ranjan is a 21-year-old boy born in Kolkata. He moved to the city of Mumbai with his family when he was 4 years old. He is currently pursuing his graduation in microbiology from K.C College.

Let us find out what Priyanshu has to say.

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Knowing your sexuality and opening-up

I knew about myself in my childhood and I knew that I’m gay. To be honest I have still not come out to my parents about my sexuality but the rest of my friends and other family members know about it. I’m very open to my friends especially to some of my best friends.

I first told my best friend about me when I was in my college. Earlier I used to hide it but I had to open one day and I did. Later on, I started telling everyone about me and really the reaction was amazing.


As usual, some of my friends said, “It’s a phase Priyanshu, it will go.” However, there were many friends who accepted me as I was. They support me very much at every moment. This is the main reason why I don’t feel alone. They respect me every time and treat me as normal as they are.

College activities and hobbies

I study at K.C college. And it is one of the top 10 colleges in Mumbai. It hosts many events competition. I’m a science student so I basically go for science-based competition and events. Like quiz, debate, model preparation, posters making, etc are some of the activities in which I have been actively participating in. I have also attended many seminars on gender sessions at my college.

What are your hobbies?

My hobby is sketching and travelling. I prefer to travel on train journeys rather than just cars and stuff. Train journeys give me happiness and lots of memories passing by. In my free time, I prefer watching some series or plays and sometimes I do my sketch work. As I’m a sketch artist I also draw some pictures which depict LGBTQ love and equality.

Basically I draw pencil sketches. I have drawn many sketches until now. Mostly I draw my friends and other personalities, their portraits and other pictures. And I also have drawn some anime characters.  My hobby is sketching hence I love doing it. When it comes to the LGBTQ sketches, I draw some gays or lesbians pictures which show the love between two

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Let’s talk relationships

It’s not complicated to find a relationship but to find a good and honest partner anywhere not only in LGBTQ community it is rare nowadays. People now believe more in a sexual and physical relationship which can break someone easily. There are some people who look for a good relationship and there are many couples in the community who have to set an example in the community.

The LGBTQ community

I would call myself an LGBTQ activist. As an activist always influences other people and educate them about the things which they don’t know. Even I do the same in any method or platform I get the opportunity to do that for my community.

I have done many fashion shows on the theme of LGBTQ. In this modern world these are the things which educate people about us. This is a really good platform where you can tell your words.

Apart from that, there are many events like Humsafar trust, Qknit, impulse and many other organizations. I have been participating in many of these events. I educate people when they ask me what exactly LGBTQ is. There are many people who don’t even know about these terms. I have spoken to them and tried to make them understand about these things.

I have attended 3 pride parades Mumbai. The first pride one I attended was an amazing experience. Though I was a little worried about the media and cameras I still went there and enjoyed a lot. I saw many cultures in the LGBTQ community . The way people were enjoying, the dresses of people were fascinating.

I have attended these parades for three years continuously. And honestly speaking, these were the days when I really felt that I’m blessed to be part of my LGBTQ community.

How important is the Pride march?

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Pride parades are important for our community. These are those moments that lead to change in the country. When we walk in the pride march, thousands of people watch us and see what exactly we are. We are as same and as normal as others. We want to educate people and tell them to accept us as we are. Moreover, we are not different from them.

I have an experience of three years with the Pride march and whenever I have been to a pride march there are so many other people who have asked me what exactly this a pride march? I tell them this is the LGBTQ pride where we march for our existence. We also tell the government and people to give us those rights that they have not still given

Rights like transact, marriage etc which we need to get. And this is one of the platform where one can demand for their rights.

Making a change

The one thing which can change not only in community in fact around the world is getting educated about it. If I get an opportunity to provide any information to people I will do that. Any platform or activities help people to understand. Giving them proper education about these topics are very essential. As we grow up learning about various things, I feel these things should be included in one’s childhood.

So me being an activist for the LGBTQ community, I think that providing good education and even some programmes change peoples mindset and mentality.

Another thing I really want to change is people’s behaviour. To be honest, one gets respect when he gives respect. There are some cases where an LGBTQ ally gives respect to the queer but instead, he doesn’t get the same respect in return.

This is the only thing which I want to change in the community. We all should behave in dignity and friendship. Just remember one thing if we the people of the community do not behave well with the heterosexual community, they won’t do the same.

Platforms like FSOG can make a difference in the community

These platforms change peoples thoughts in the community. I personally feel safe and helpful whenever I go to such organizations and events. Events which are organized by these people change our well being. One can do many activities which he cannot perform in other places. These organizations help to personally qualify for their future.

I have been studying FSOG articles for many days now and it really has inspired me a lot to think more and more. It has really created an impact on me and my life to think different.

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