Pros & Cons Of Falling In Love With Your Best Friend!

Pros & Cons Of Falling In Love With Your Best Friend!

As we walk the Earth, we meet countless people and make innumerable connections. But there are a few special people who bond with us on an extremely deep level! These people in our lives are irreplaceable and invaluable. Two of such people, in most cases, are our best friend; who is the perfect partner in crime; and the other is our life-partner, our lover; the person who made us fall head over heels in love with them and the idea of spending the rest of our lives in their arms. These two occupy two very huge and very special places in our heart.

But can you imagine these two huge and special places in our heart being taken up by the SAME PERSON? Can you imagine spending the rest of your life with that one person whom you used to call at all hours to tell them about the most trivial details of your day? That same person who once sat with you in the classroom and daydreamed about starting their own business with you, once you grow up?

Well, if these questions gave you chills and left you remembering the good ol’ days and fantasizing about the future at the same time; then you, my dear, are hopelessly in love with your best friend!

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Once you have realized how much of a smitten-kitten you have become, then comes the frenzy of questions such as; “What do I do next?” “Who do I talk to about this?” “I share everything with my best friend, but can I share this?” “How will they react?” etc. etc. (you get the point, right!).

So, to help you out while you make sense of what’s in your head and your heart, we have listed down for you, a few pros and cons of being in love with your best friend. Hopefully they’ll help you make up your mind about how you really want things to proceed.

Pro Point No. 1: You both know each other in and out

The biggest perk of dating your BFF is that they know you very well. They were there through all the ups and downs. They have celebrated with you at your best and you have supported them when they were a mess. Plus, both of you are immune to each other’s quirks and all the little things no one knows about them; nothing left to scare you off! If you do get involved in a romantic relationship, it’ll be a deep and intimate one; the best kind!

Con Count No. 1: You may lose both relationship and friendship

The greatest risk of starting a romantic relationship with your best friend is, “What happens if things don’t work out?” There is always this lingering fear, that if this relationship doesn’t go well, you will not only lose the person you love, but also your best friend. One wrong step, and you lose everything. While this is a possibility, you also have to keep in mind the positives; “What if thigs DO work out?” wouldn’t that be worth taking the risks?

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Pro Point No. 2: Communication is easy

Since both of you have known each other for so long, communicating and sharing now comes naturally to both of you. Any problems you face in your relationship can be easily resolved by talking. You can overcome fights, talk about things you would like to explore, things that make you uncomfortable and so on . Basically, you can talk about anything and everything; and sometimes, you might not have to talk at all, because both of you will sense what the other person is feeling, after all, you are best friends first.

Con Count No. 2: No blank slate to start fresh

Sometimes, after a rough breakup, we decide to start fresh. We think about all the things that went wrong and try not to repeat them. But, in this case, your best friend probably knows everything that you’ve ever done. Every mistake you have made, every relationship you’ve been through. This might become a problem and a cause for a few arguments in the future. Their knowledge of your entire past, will always be the basis of your relationship; and you can’t change that.


Pro Point No. 3: You can make it work, forever

You both have been through so much together. Family problems, school problems, relationship problems, you both have navigated through them all, and it only made your friendship stronger and deeper. You’ve fought together and emerged victorious together; surely you can make this relationship work too? Your team work is your super power!

Con Count No. 3: Putting in extra efforts

Maintaining a relationship, especially one which has so much at stake, is a tough job. Even thought you and your best friend go together hand-in-glove, you still have to make efforts to keep things exciting and special. You will have to go the extra mile to make them smile and feel loved. You’ll always have to be attentive to what you best friend-turned-lover is thinking and feeling. The plus point is, you will be happily willing to make efforts for them!

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Pro Point No. 4: You trust each other

One of the most important aspects of a relationship is trust. It takes a lot of time for people to build it up. But a relationship with your best friend means that there is already a lot of trust and assurance between you both. You can trust each other blindly and have ultimate faith in each other and your relationship.

Con Count No. 4: Things might get awkward

When you first start going out with your best friend for dates that lead to the bedroom, things might get a little awkward and you might feel weird have sexual thoughts about them. You could have never imagined kissing and touching your best friend in this way, right? But once the giggling and the awkward silences come to an end; you will end up having the steamiest time with your partner!

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So what to do?

Being in love with your best friend is the greatest and also the scariest feeling in the world! It leaves you all nervous and uncertain; making you feel a wave of contrasting emotions all at once. It feels new but also comfortable; weird but happy. It makes you feel as if you are heading for disaster, but at the same time feel like the luckiest person alive! And even though these feelings are new, but if they feel right, just close your eyes and DIVE RIGHT INTO IT! Who knows, it might be the best decision you’ll ever make in life?

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