Queer Eye Secrets you didn’t think you should know

Queer Eye Secrets you didn’t think you should know

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It’s all about the Fab Five, travelling around the country, giving a little love to those who need it, through a snazzy makeover.  Ever since, Netflix picked up the show, the cast and the show, have received overwhelming support, capturing the hearts of its viewers. To be honest, life before Queer Eye now seems dull. The Fab Five i.e.Tan France, Jonathan Van Ness, Antoni Porowski, Karamo Brown, and Bobby Berk, come together to teach viewers how to dress-up, how to match colours, how to apply concealer, but also, how to care and love yourself. It always comes from the inside out.

Through the seasons, Queer Eye has grown to inspire so many individuals. In season 3, we got to see a whole new depth in the relationship between the crew. After spending 3 seasons together, the five have bonded so beautifully that it adds a fresh dynamic to the level of warmth and entertainment on the show. We laughed, we cried, and we learnt so much. Netflix got it right because it’s definitely “more than a makeover”.

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Season 4 is out, and they “just keep getting better”. But before you go on to binge-watching the latest episodes, get to know the show better with these surprising facts.

Queer Eye is a revival of the original ‘Queer Eye for the straight guy’
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The original series ‘ Queer eye for the straight guy’ was aired in the early 2000s. The idea, fundamentally the same, was about five guys helping people improve their lives. The only difference? The original series focused purely on straight men, while the NetFlix revamp help’s anyone and not just straight men.

Did you know that Tan France was about to quit the reboot?
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Tan France is the fashion expert on the crew. He showed the viewers and participants that style should be comfortable. According to Screen Rant, the star wanted to quit several times owing to the high pressure he felt when he first started out on the show. Being a Pakistani and part of the LGBTQIA+, he felt he had to represent both. Furthermore, he felt more pressurised since he was the only cast member with no showbiz experience. But thanks to the encouragement from the crew and producers, France is here to stay. He realised all he needs to do is be himself on the show. And now, he has won the hearts of his viewers.

Get your interiors designed from Bobby’s furnishing line:
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He is a design expert, so couldn’t expect anything less from him. Bobby launched his very own online design store in 2006. But what’s exciting is that this April, he released his own furniture line in partnership with A.R.T furniture. If you were wondering, the Kansas City loft in season 3 was, of course, designed by Bobby.

However, it’s not just him. All five of the cast members have other projects under their hood. For example, Jonathan still works as a hairdresser in Los Angeles. So if you are looking for a Queer Eye quality haircut, you are in luck! You could visit the Mojo Hair in Los Angeles, which is co-owned by Jonathan. Similarly, Antonio has his cookbook due to release this year in September which is titled “Antonio in the Kitchen”. A collection of his delicious recipes is just what his fans needs.

The Fab Five are praying for a crossover with Marie Kondo:

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In an episode of Jimmy Kimmel, the crew was asked about their thoughts on Marie Kondo. Immediately Karamo replies, “We love her!”. Kimmel then asked if there was a possibility of “an Avengers-style joining of forces?”. And, thankfully their response was, “We pray for that every day.” Jonathan also went on to say that while Bobby does take care of the decor on the show, Marie and Bobby together could be a dynamic duo. He explained,

“Bobby, like, taught me that everything in my house needs to be designed, like, in the room, like, based off your favorite objects. He taught me this. And then Marie, honey, she taught me to just like get rid of all the stuff that doesn’t spark my joy. So, I feel like between those two things it’s so much good info.”

As reported by Bustle

Having an ‘avenger- style’ crossover is totally doable, considering that the crew has previously collaborated with ‘Nailed It!’ on NetFlix.

Karamo Brown was on “Real World”:

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That’s right! Queer Eye is not Brown’s first reality show experience. In 2004, he was part of the cast for “Real world” Philadelphia, on MTv. What’s more interesting is that he was the first openly gay black man to be cast on the show, and in any reality show, ever. After his first appearance in Real World: Philadelphia, he went on to appear on Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Inferno II in 2005. He then came on The Next 15, in 2016. And today, he is the fabulous lifestyle expert on Queer Eye.

Furthermore, Brown also maintains his own Podcast, that is exclusively hosted by Luminary. His podcasts are always informative and enlightening. So far, he has covered topics from  “The Impact of Rejection,” to “It’s not Selfish, It’s Self-Care”. Through the podcasts, he also addresses his friendship with Antoni, during the period when the two were not on speaking terms. But their feud was in season one. Now they are great friends.

These are just some of the many interesting facts about the Fab Five. It’s time to get back to Season 4.

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