Take this quiz to find out what kind of dater you are!

Take this quiz to find out what kind of dater you are!

We have all had our share of bad dates, good dates. Some dates were so bad that you almost fell asleep. Some were so great, that they gave you butterflies and left this huge smile on your face. You knew it in your heart that he is a potential THE ONE. Sadly though, things did not escalate from that amazing first date.

There might have been times when the first date was great, you decide to meet again. But by date three, you lose interest in that person. The same person who excited you, now bores you. Those same silly jokes that you thought were cute at date #1, now flat out annoy you. You might think it’s because you have no heart. That you are stone cold bitch because of your past. Or you blame the stars for always crossing with the wrong guy’s stars.

BUT. It is not your fault people. It’s possible that you don’t know what type of person you want or the type of person you are. That’s why the unnecessary time waste dates are transpiring.┬áIn the quest for true love, we meet many different kinds of people and varieties of personalities.

So, take this personality quiz, which will help you understand what type of ‘dating person’ you are. This test might even help you in realising the kind of date, sitting across you on your next date!

Which one are you?

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