Whole Neighborhood Goes Rainbow To Support Lesbian Couple

Whole Neighborhood Goes Rainbow To Support Lesbian Couple

Residents of a neighborhood of England have rallied to the support of a lesbian couple who received a letter calling their relationship, and the fact that they were raising a child together, “immoral and wrong,” and suggesting they move elsewhere.

What was written on the note

“We, the residents, are not happy with lesbian couples living in our area,” the note said. “Especially not when bringing up a child. It is immoral and wrong. We suggest you move to a more appropriate area of the City.”

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Vikki and Stephanie Parkey, who are married, found the unsigned letter posted through their letterbox. The lesbian couple has been living in their property in the outskirts of the East Yorkshire city for six years. They even have a daughter who is 18 months old.


Vikki said: “It was a total shock. I was furious, mad that somebody had the audacity to post something in the night. My initial reaction was pure anger at the situation.”

Stephanie said that to suggest they had no right to bring up their daughter had “angered” her.

“She’s 17-months of age, why even bring her into the equation? She just wants love and that’s what we give her,” she said.

“For somebody to come out of their way to post something through the letterbox in the night, that was probably the scariest and upsetting thing,” Parkey told ITV News.

She added that she and Trotter knew there were still people out there who had such views as the person who sent the letter, but she wanted their child, who is 17-months-old, to grow up “knowing that love is love.”

What the neighbors had to say

Since the letter arrived people living nearby have come out in support of the couple


Several homes in the area have displayed rainbow flags or bunting from their windows, and one family filled all their windows with handwritten signs of support and affirmation.

“They are lovely, friendly girls and they have a beautiful baby,” neighbor Ruth Atkinson told the Hull Daily Mail. “That girl is so well looked after and she couldn’t ask for better parents.”

“They are some cowardly people out there but this has all thrown up back in their face now and no matter what, I will support those girls until the end,” Atkinson added.


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