Rainbow Themed Treats you Need to Try This Year!

Rainbow Themed Treats you Need to Try This Year!

It is the season of celebrating Pride, the most colorful time of the year. In celebration of LGBTQIA+ Pride, people are flying the rainbow flag that symbolizes love and inclusion.

Festivities are ongoing, from block parties to parades. Whether you are going for a parade or hosting a party at the backyard, you will want to stock up queer-centric and rainbow-colored foods and drinks that you need for the entire month.

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Here are a few must-try rainbow treats:

1. Rainbow Peanut Noodles:

The recipe incorporates shades of green, purple, red, orange and yellow vegetables for a rainbow-like effect.

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2.Rainbow Spring rolls:

If you’re looking for something light, with an Asian twist this might be a recipe for you. These spring rolls are billed to take all of 30 minutes to prepare and are filled with a colorful assortment of fruit, vegetables, and fresh herbs.

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3. Rainbow Snack Mix:

Chex Mix is a perfect party snack, which incorporates all the colors of the rainbows.

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4. Rainbow Skewers:

The rainbow skewers are one of the nutritional items on the list. The fruity skewer recipe calls for watermelon, cherries, cantaloupe, pineapple, and grapes as well as lemon, mint, and ginger for a lemon-ginger drizzle.

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5. Rainbow Popsicles:

While June certainly marks Pride Month, it also signifies the beginning of summer. With temperatures heating up, you might be looking for a snack that cools in the summer heat. A snack like popsicles, with all of the colors of the rainbow, of course.

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6. Rainbow Grilled Cheese:

While we’re wary about the addition of sprinkles on a sandwich, this three-cheese blend of gruyere, swiss, and mozzarella sounds delicious on its own. Perfect for Pride festivities.

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7. Rainbow No-Bake Parfaits:

For those of us who are baking impaired, these rainbow no-bake cheesecake parfaits are a godsend. Powdered sugar, cream cheese, and whipped topping are blended until smooth, then divided into separate portions and colored. Layer in a parfait glass.

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8. Rainbow Fudge:

The secret is making the fudge layer by layer, allowing each to cool before adding the next. This process ensures the colors don’t bleed together. Flavor each layer individually for that,  just put a handful of skittles for taste or stick to one uniform flavor like vanilla or lemon.

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9. Rainbow Crust Pizza:

Looking for ways to cut the carbs? This delicious low-carb cauliflower crust rainbow pizza is packed with veggies inside and out—making it a great option for kiddos and healthy-ish adults alike. Instead of mixing all the veggies together, lay them out as you would a rainbow for a gorgeous visual effect.

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10.Rainbow Dumplings:

Made with natural coloring, dyed with the dragon fruit, blue spirulina, and saffron. You can think about serving these as an appetizer or brunch option.

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11. Rainbow Pinwheel Cookies:

A  Traditional and Classic cookie recipe to light up your Pride Party.

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12. Rainbow Pinata Cake:

Made using six layers of sponge cake each colored and baked separately, a cookie-cutter, and candy. This pinata inspired cake requires time, patience, and a lot of buttercream icing to create.

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13. Rainbow Challah Bread:

Delicious and an eye-popping item. Make the dough and divide it into 6 equal parts and dye them with the rainbow colors.

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14. Rainbow Bagel:

Blazing rainbow-colored bagels filled with cream cheese frosting is to die for.

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15. Rainbow Milkshake:

Slurp a rainbow through a straw with this milkshake with vanilla ice cream and skittles or candy sprinkled on.

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16. Rainbow Mousse:

A Naepotalian Neapolitan mousse cake with vanilla mousse filled with cherry gelee and cherry panna cotta on top of a chocolate sponge cake, a raspberry roll layered with raspberry cream cheese frosting.

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17. Rainbow Fruity Pebble Treats:

With all of the colors of the rainbow in one box and a four-step recipe on hand, this sweet treat is one of the easiest you could attempt to make.

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These are a few hand-picked pride treats which are our favorite. One can look out for these at your next pride parade or can make them by yourself when hosting a pride party at your home.

It is the season of celebration for the LGBTQ+ community with also eat and drink with the ones you love.

From delectably sweet to succulent and savory, there’s no shortage of rainbow-themed recipes for you to try this season. Nothing gets everyone’s attention like the “Rainbow”.

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