Want to Reverse Homosexuality? Here’s Some Help from JAKIM!

Want to Reverse Homosexuality? Here’s Some Help from JAKIM!

Are you ready to kill all of your brain cells? Ruin your mood just a tad bit? Well, here goes. Malaysian authorities, specifically the JAKIM just released instructions to help people reverse homosexuality!

Conversion therapy, pyscho-therapy, and other remedies have proven useless so far. But the Malaysian authorities took it as a challenge instead of a lesson. The authorities released a three-minute video that guides people to reverse homosexuality. And we are flabbergasted.

JAKIM Suggests Repentance

JAKIM is the Malaysian Islamic Development Department. And they are the brains behind this instructive video. The video tells the Islamic community to “be patient” with the LGBT+ community in Malaysia. As for the LGBT+ individuals, the JAKIM wants them to repent.

Malaysian LGBT/ Reverse Homosexuality
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And while the JAKIM went on to address the matters of “sexual desires”, the video said that the LGBT+ individuals could fulfill it by marrying and fasting.

The video tells people that sexual orientation is alterable. And “extensive training and guidance” is the way forward. For the purpose of context, Malaysia still works under British colonial-era laws. This means gay-sex is still considered a criminal activity. The range of punishment for those caught can range from fines to 20 years behind bars. And there obviously are no legal laws or rules that protect the LGBT+ individuals in the predominantly Islamic country.


Reverse Homosexuality. It’s not violent, right? Right?

The Islamic Development Department does not say that the LGBT+ community needs to be killed, undergo rigorous punishment for their sins or serve time behind bars. And many people think their take on reversing homosexuality is not dangerous to that extreme.

Malaysia Pride March/ Reverse Homosexuality
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And Facebook was the home of these comments that praised the JAKIM for their “positive stance” on the matter.

“Colour me surprised with rainbow colours. JAKIM actually came out with a video that is non-hateful of the LGBT community,” said Luq Harith.

“Not impressed with the content but kudos to JAKIM for focusing on not being hateful or violent towards LGBTQ people,” said Huda Mutalib.

But looking at the legal framework for the LGBT+ individuals in Malaysia, the JAKIM does not have to play out on the violent aspect of it. But remember, gay-sex is criminal in Malaysia. This means that many people could go to prison for being LGBT+. So the LGBT+ community is instilled with fear. Also, JAKIM still looks at being gay, lesbian, queer, transgender, bisexual, intersex and everything apart from Cis-Het as a sin.

And there were a few others who criticised Jakim. Not only because they suggest that sexual orientation can be changed but also since they encouraged homosexuality reversal.

A Sheelabanu Sri Jaya said, “This video is going to make people believe that there is a way to ‘change‘ homosexuals into heterosexuals. No way you can do that”.

“We set such a low bar for Muslims to get them to act like decent human beings. Calling for reparative therapy is not exactly good intentions, let alone genuine respect that LGBTQI people should live their lives the way they want it to be,” said Zulaikha Mohammad.

Another commenter, Raymond Tai said, “So JAKIM‘s strategy is to use compassion to lure Muslim LGBT to the ‘right‘ path while enacting anti-LGBT Syariah laws to punish and ruin the lives of those who decide to follow their heart and their own conviction.”

Malaysia Pride Parade/ Reverse Homosexuality
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Bar too low?

There are those who are appreciating and applauding the JAKIM, and those who have problems with it. The root of the problem is that the bar for LGBT+ acknowledgment is set too low. The LGBT+ individuals have no legal back up. And now the JAKIM says reverse homosexuality.

As Pink News pointed out, in “the last month, five men in Malaysia were jailed, fined and caned for attempting homosexual sex in the Muslim-majority country. And earlier this year, Asian human rights leaders voiced concern over an “insidious” government crackdown on LGBT+ people in Malaysia.”

The violence against the LGBT+ community, specifically against gay people in Malaysia is harsh. And what is worse is we rarely get to hear a voice from the community. The LGBT+ individuals speak up and fight against the restrictory and discriminating government. But rarely heard. As is the case with many other countries in the world. We don’t know if we are happy or just indifferent towards the video.

It is deeply saddening that we still have to deal with these illogical practices. The LGBT+ community faces repression. They do not receive unprotection against violence. And to add to that, they get ostracised by society. None of which should be a response to belonging to the LGBT+ community. But who will be able to speak against the JAKIM or the Malaysian Government? Hopefully, the Malaysian LGBT+ community.



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