Rules For Sex And Dating: COVID-19 Version!

Rules For Sex And Dating: COVID-19 Version!

Unless you are living on a completely lonely island, situated in the middle of an ocean – you are obviously aware of the current pandemic situation. All nations have urged their citizens to stay indoors and follow social distancing, to control the spread of coronavirus. Hence, it’s no surprise that singles and couples are pondering what this means for their sex lives. Several people are wondering whether it is safe to indulge in sex/dating amid the COVID-19. Here are some common doubts around it.

Coronavirus Can Be Transmitted Sexually?

This question is majorly irrelevant to the cons of indulging in sex with a person who is corona positive. The coronavirus is transmissible through droplets infection, among the many other ways. Nose and mouth secretions (saliva and mucus) could contain the virus. So, even if you resist yourself from kissing your partner, you are still likely to be breathing together while having sex. You will probably touch the same space, which could have been graced by others. Hence, it does not matter much if this virus can be carried through sex.

Meaning, if you are close enough to have sex, then it is absolutely possible to get infected by other means. It’s a tad bit early to have such data on coronavirus. But no evidence exists as of now, showing the virus being found in vaginal secretions or semen. However, different types of this virus was found in various other bodily fluids. But being exposed through respiratory secretions is a more clear and urgent risk.

Sleeping With a Partner You Live With: 

“If you’re in a relationship… living with that person, and sharing the same environment, it shouldn’t change your situation. However if one of you is displaying symptoms of coronavirus then you should maintain your social-distancing and isolate, even within your home. In an ideal world everyone would stay two metres apart – even in their own house, but we realise this may not be realistic”, says Dr Alex George, a former Love Island contestant and A&E doctor.

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The risk of getting infected highly depends on the person you are sleeping with. If you are sharing a bed and living with someone, it does not matter if you’re having sex. Even if one of you is positive, then the other will probably be infected, if not absolutely. Transmission through households is the new source of infections of COVID-19, in China. Having sex is unlikely to add extra risk. Therefore, fears of COVID-19 is not a good reason to resist having sex. However, this is basing on the assumption that none of you is showing any symptoms.

Follow quarantine guidelines to reduce risk, if either of you is positive or showing symptoms.

Sleeping With a Partner You Don’t Share a House With:

Don’t forget as well, some people who are carriers of the virus won’t have any symptoms. So even if you feel absolutely fine… you could still pass on the infection to someone and they could pass it on to other people via close contact and kissing”, says Alix Fox. She is a sex journalist, BBC Radio 1’s Unexpected Fluids show presenter and The Modern Mann podcast co-host.

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Let’s say you two are under the same roof, working from your home, maintaining a distance from social scenes and are only seeing each other. Then, if one of you is positive, and decide to sleep with each other, only you two are in jeopardy. But, if either of you is living with roommates or working is a crowded space, then the calculations will differ. You will need to keep in mind the fact that, you are risking everyone you are working or living with, by deciding to having sex. The risk intensity will differ, based on how common is COVID-19, in your community.

If your area is implementing social isolation strictly, then meeting up for a hook up or date does not fit the social distancing scene. Alas, if you can’t control those urges and decide to take a dive, then please remember how this choice can be fatal for other people who are vulnerable, in your life.

However, you can use alternatives like phone sex and video dates. It’s not like you haven’t tried it before. Except may be your phone bill will see an increase in numbers.

Dating life, amidst the pandemic:

It is absolutely the perfect time to explore dating apps or online dating. Meaning, actually dating through an app or web portal. Many areas have locked down restaurants, pubs, cafes and other social places. Meeting new people in person outside is not a great idea when the society is striving hard to control the spread of COVID-19.

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Try video chatting instead. Bring back the long emails culture. Choose a movie and watch it at the same time, from your own beds/couches. Sext, flirt and if you think the other person is worth it, then open up about your dark past/side over texts. Make proper plans to meet, when the pandemic is long gone. However, if you think it’s okay to meet in person in the middle of this virus crisis, then agree to cancelling your plans if/when one of you is showing symptoms even.

On a serious note though, please stay home to stay safe guys. The whole world is on pause right now, not only you.

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