RuPaul announces new seasons of Drag Race and All Stars

RuPaul announces new seasons of Drag Race and All Stars

Yes, you read that right! “RuPaul’s Drag Race” and “All Stars” get the green signal for brand new seasons. On Monday, VH1, the cabler announced that both the shows have been renewed.

Queen of dragqueens, RuPaul, is the executive director of RuPaul’s Drag Race. The show has drag queens performing to compete for the crown of “America’s Next Drag Superstar.” RuPaul’s Drag Race aka, RPDR had an amazing run for 11 seasons, while RPDR All Stars, had 5. It has witnessed the most iconic drag queens and performances. The struggle to win the crown is real. From intense choreographies, life-dependent lip-synchs, to rapping, the contestants do everything less of making a rocket to get through! The show oozes nothing but talent in the most colorful and sassy tones.

In May, the 11th season of “Drag Race” ended with Yvie Oddly winning the crown. The fourth season of “All Stars” February witnessing the exciting tug of war between Monét X Change and Trinity the Tuck for the title. announces new seasons of Drag Race and All Stars


RPDR received 14 Emmy nominations this year, so even the non-squirrels who don’t watch the show can gauge the scale of the production. The show is also hosted by RuPaul, who won the Outstanding Host for a Reality or Competition Program in 2016 and is nominated again this year.

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The Drag Race makes a difference that goes beyond the scope of a reality show.

Promoting ideas of LGBTQ+ acceptance and being able to fight for rights is a big part of the discussion. Not just RuPaul but all the contests and judges play a major role in challenging the normative. RuPaul even said that the drag race “mocks the mainstream”, because “the mainstream is sceptical of drag, and rightly so: drag is making fun of it,”

The expectations from the new seasons are higher than ever since the previous seasons have surprisingly exceeded them. The show started in 2009 and a lot has transpired over the years. And this deserves a mention of the most amazing RPDR moments.

Let us take a quick peek into the past

Bianca del Rio

Admit it. Biance del Rio is a moment, a mood and a whole lifestyle. Every time she spoke, the audience knew there was a killer line coming their way. Crass and crude barely covers the description of her language. We absolutely love the entertainment the queen brings to the screen.



The Petals under the Wig

Sasha Velour’s amazing lip-synch battle against Shea Couleé already had us on our toes and had our hopes high. We knew it would be the performance of the season. Our hopes were met. The unpredictable Sasha took off her wig to shower petals on herself. This total moment of royalty kicked the performance up a 100 notches.


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If we had to put his against a similar moment, it would be the wig hidden under another wig. Roxxxy Andrews ripping off her wig to shake out her hidden one to Willow Smith’s ‘Whip my Hair’ was such a YASS moment. I mean, where do y’all get your sass from?


The Wholesome Latrice Royale

The beloved drag queen from season 4 was real, raunchy, and a total badass! Her history with prison gave her a connection to the audience and a depth to her persona. So when she decided to play the prison warden and delivered the lines “Get those nuts away from my face”, she owned the theatrical and our hearts!


Laganja Estranga and Joclyn Fox

Extremely awkward splits during the Lip Synch Battle. Did Laganja Estranga and Joclyn Fox pop into your head yet? Are you cursing me now because I reminded you of it? I am sorry, but what a moment! What a moment of awkwardness followed by more embarrassment when Laganja Estranga got eliminated right after it.


Miss Vanjie

If you say it thrice, Miss Vanjie shall disappear. The moment that gave

rise to a whole new meme trend and made her so popular that she was called back for the next season. It initiated a series of jokes among the participants and the judges as well. We know you can hear it clear as crystal, but here’s a reminder anyway.


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RPDR has been a valuable platform to voice the concerns and performance of gender that is unlimited to LGBTQ+. Although the form of acceptance is through the mocking of normative, it has been loved and adored across the world.

RuPaul’s Drag Race has clearly forged a history and has so much more to offer. With the new seasons coming in, the audience would probably get to see wonkier and more impressive drag queens joining the team of RPDR.



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