Sam Smith Came Out As Gender Non-Binary

Sam Smith Came Out As Gender Non-Binary

Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Sam Smith has come out as gender non-binary.

“I’m not male or female. I think I float somewhere in between,” Smith said Friday on actor Jameela Jamil’s new Instagram show, “I Weigh Interviews.”


It takes a lot of guts to be true to yourself, whether that means accepting and loving your body just the way it is, or coming to terms with your sexuality. It can be daunting, but it’s also so important. So, when notable celebrities open up and are true to themselves in front of millions of people, it’s truly a gift.

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Smith said when he saw the words “non-binary” and “gender queer” and heard people speak about these identities, which are used to describe those who identify as neither exclusively male nor female, he thought, “F–ck, that’s me.”

What happened at the show

In the first episode of the show, which was just released on Friday, March 15, Smith opened up about his struggle with his gender, and explained that he doesn’t identify with being neither male nor female.


“I’ve never spoken about this, and it’s something that I’m not even sure of myself,” Smith said. “But I was recently reading stories about people who came out as gender queer and non-binary, and I always had a bit of a war within my body and my mind about.”

“How you define yourself?” Jamil asked.

“Yes, because I do think like a woman sometimes in my head. And I’ve sometimes sat there and questioned, ‘Do I want a sex change?’ And it’s something I still think about…but I don’t think it is,” Smith said.

Smith said that when he heard other people talking about being non-binary, he realized he identified with them. “I’ve always been free in terms of thinking about sexuality, and so I just tried to change that into my thoughts on gender as well,” he said. “I am feminine in many, many ways and I’ve almost resented that.” Smith said feeling this resentment contributed to his body image issues and his belief that he had to lose weight.

“Maybe I’m not a man, maybe I’m not a woman, maybe I’m just me,” he said. “And that’s okay.”


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