Same-Sex Couples From These TV Shows: Giving Us Major Goals!

Same-Sex Couples From These TV Shows: Giving Us Major Goals!

The things we see and hear everyday, have a huge impact in shaping our lives, our thoughts. The entertainment industry has always been one of the most influential platforms to exchange all kinds of stories; and thus is the best way to educate the world about the LGBTQ+ inclusion and same-sex couples. There have been a number of queer characters throughout the history of television; but only a few really portray the nuances and depth of LGBTQIA+ people and their relationships.

We all know and love the brave, stunning pair of Carol and Susan from F.R.I.E.N.D.S.! But here are 4 lesser known and underrated, same-sex couples form TV shows, who have beautiful and endearing stories:

Magnus Bane and Alexander Lightwood (Shadowhunters-The Mortal Instruments, 2016)

Same-Sex Couples From These TV Shows: Giving Us Major Goals!/Malec/Same-Sex Couples From These TV Shows: Giving Us Major Goals!
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‘Malec’ (ship-name for Magnus and Alec), the badass Warlock-Shadowhunter couple, brought magic to our screens; in all sense of the word! The high Warlock of Brooklyn, Magnus Bane, with his radiating confidence falls in love with Alec Lightwood, the awkward, lanky but powerful Shadowhunter boy, who is still trying to wrap his head around the feeling of butterflies-in-the-stomach that he gets every time Magnus Bane walks into the room. They are the perfect couple who complete and complement each other!

The pivotal moment of this relationship was when Magnus gives a passionate speech, explaining Alec what Love and emotions feel like-

“Emotions are never Black and White. They’re more like symptoms. You lose your breath every time they enter a room. Your heart beats faster when they walk by. Your skin tingles when they stand close enough to feel their breath”

This moment proves that Magnus and Alec have a connection that’s deep and comes from within; leaving the audience mesmerized and yearning for more. The way we see both of them fall deeper in love with each other, while navigating numerous problems throughout the show is awe-inspiring! Shadowhunters has succeeded in showing this strong same-sex couple which is central to the storyline of the show.

Cheryl Blossom And Toni Topaz (Riverdale, 2017)

Same-Sex Couples From These TV Shows: Giving Us Major Goals!/ChoniSame-Sex Couples From These TV Shows: Giving Us Major Goals!
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Riverdale, the dark and dingy reimagination of the Archie comics, has introduced a variety of new themes in the storyline. One of the most important being LGBTQ+ inclusion, showcasing a same-sex couple. The viewers get to experience the story of two extremely confident and sanguine women: Cheryl Blossom and Toni Topaz. Although, hailing from two totally opposite neighborhoods, these two women cross paths and decide to stay with each other to face all odds.

Their story begins when Choni (Ship-name for Cheryl and Toni) share a heartfelt moment re-affirming one another. While Cheryl might look well and strong from the outside, on the inside, she is broken and yearns for love which was snatched away from her by her mother, who called Cheryl “Loveless and Deviant”. But, all of our hearts truly melt when Cheryl opens up about her feelings and Toni is there to support and remind Cheryl that all her feelings are perfectly valid! We see Choni grow together and stand tall at the face of all ups and downs they face.

Raymond Holt and Kevin Cozner (Brooklyn 99, 2013)

Same-Sex Couples From These TV Shows: Giving Us Major Goals!/Kevin & Ray/Same-Sex Couples From These TV Shows: Giving Us Major Goals!
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Brooklyn 99 is a binge-worthy show for a lot of reasons; but the spotlight goes the super awesome couple- Captain Raymond Holt and his partner Kevin Cozner: A couple that’s gay AND interracial! We instantly fell in love with these straight-faced and devoted husbands, the moment we got to know them. Its amazing to see how they unconditionally love each other and enjoy doing things the other one likes.

Holt, the Police Captain and Kevin, the English Classics professor, form a sort of a ‘Dad’ duo for Jake Peralta (the main lead) and the entire squad of the 99th precinct. They have this beautiful house, a snuggly dog and a lovingly domestic relationship which we envy; but also totally dig, throughout the series! The story of how they met, and instantly connected when Kevin was writing an article about Holt for the New Yorker, had us drooling over their fate. Brooklyn 99 has raised the bar of LGBTQ+ inclusion for all the TV series of the future!

Cameron Tucker and Mitchell Pritchett (Modern Family, 2009)

Same-Sex Couples From These TV Shows: Giving Us Major Goals!/Cam & Mitch/Same-Sex Couples From These TV Shows: Giving Us Major Goals!
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Modern Family premiered in 2009 and gifted us the loving (and bickering) couple Cam & Mitch! It was the first time on TV that we saw a major Queer couple in the center of the story.  Modern Family served as the pioneer TV show in bringing LGBTQ+ inclusion to limelight. The show encouraged everyone to accept and celebrate the people from the community, and inspired other TV Shows and Movies to include LGBTQ+ characters with a valid backstory and not just as a comic sidekick.

Highlighting themes such as Gay Marriage and adopting and raising children together, this lovely couple taught us to stay strong and unconditionally love our significant other, no matter how tough the situation gets. The bubbly and chirpy Cam along with the uptight and serious Mitch form this cute and adoring couple that gives us major couple-goals.

So what are you waiting for? If you haven’t already binged these TV Shows, you now have a new reason to watch and appreciate them! And if you’ve already once felt the magic of these power couples, doesn’t make a difference! Go watch them and celebrate the love that oozes out of these people’s hearts!

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