Sorry, But Same-Sex Parenting Is Not A Sin

Sorry, But Same-Sex Parenting Is Not A Sin

Remember Jackson Marchetti from Sex Education? The star swimmer of his school with two moms as parents. To be honest, that is the very first time I came across the concept of same-sex parents, in my life. I know, I know – I totally live under the rock, agreed.

Needless to say, it made me truly happy that there is a possibility for LGBTQ individuals to have kids. And not be thrown in jail for it. However, imagine the roll-my-eyes-hard expression, when I tried to learn more about it on Google. Read on to know what I found.

People believe that same-sex couples should not have kids:

This, as I mentioned above, does not come as a surprise to any of us.

Whenever the topic of same-sex parenting comes to the table, children are obviously included in the same. There are many individuals who believe that same-sex couples should never desire to become parents. This is mainly because of the notion that a kid, fundamentally as per nature’s laws, deserves both a father and a mother. Some also say that a kid with same-sex parents will be accustomed to humiliation, bullying etc in school from their fellow students.

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Which will eventually lead to the kid’s poor mental health, bad performance in academics and life. Furthermore, it’s also suggested that letting same-sex couples have kids, “misleads” other children with heterosexual parents, in believing that homosexuality exists. Also, these other kids are “influenced into” gender fluidity too. Perfect heteronormative behavior.

Such notions, I’m sure get their origins from people who apparently don’t have any problem with how others live. But they prefer to keep their kids away from such world truths. Hypocrites, I swear to God.

Children with same-sex parents are perfectly normal:

Yes, that’s right. Same-sex parents don’t voodoo their kids or use spells on them. They bring up their child just like any other heterosexual parents. With the same love and care.

“The United Nations convention on the rights of the child is based on four general principles. The right to non-discrimination, the right to the best interest of the child, the right to survival and development, and the right to be heard. The data shows that same-sex parents can provide for these rights at least as well as heterosexual parents”, said Dr Jacky Hewitt to the Guardian. Dr Hewitt is a child health researcher and  paediatric endocrinologist.

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“As a paediatrician, I have experience working with children from all kinds of family structures. Young people from same-sex parented families have without fail been among the most wanted, loved, well raised and cared for children I have seen”, he added.

There are numerous studies which lead us to the conclusion that children brought up by same-sex parents did not differ from other children. All  in terms of sxual orientation, gender role behaviour, gender identity, emotional stability, stigmatization, grade point averages and learning. Even better, many children with same-sex parents reported to be more connected at school.

It’s high time that we put an end to such heteronormative, hypocritical bullshit.

This is what people with same-sex parents have to say: 

“I think the operative word in describing our family is not LGBT, it’s in family. If you look at the vast majority of things that define who my moms are, or who my family is, it’s really no more accurate to say that my moms are gay married, than to say they are Packers-fan married, or work-in-healthcare married. They’re both really just about as accurate in describing who my moms are”, said Zach Wahls to BuzzFeed. 

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“I grew up with my Mum and step Mum and it is quite possibly the best thing that could have happened to me. Calling her a step parent or my Mum’s partner, seems somewhat of an understatement. She has been a constant in my life for over ten years and we both love each other unconditionally – these points cannot be said for my biological father. Love is love and I think that is what is important to a child, not gender or sexuality. I love my family and would not change my upbringing for anything! “, says another person.

These are just two out of the many examples of how same-sex parents are not hated, but rather loved by their kids.

How to normalize same-sex parenting: 

It all boils down to the same old golden rule: accepting that LGBTQ+ people are human beings who breathe, eat and live EXACTLY like us. That they aren’t some Satan’s devils, sent to Earth for our destruction (dramatic much? sorry, not sorry).  We should learn and teach the same to our next generations. Who will eventually pass on the same wisdom and so on.

It’s our duty to educate our kids that love is love, and love is acceptable in any form. We need to lay these foundations right from a tender age, just like mythologies and religion.

Luckily for us, things have changed for good when it comes to the community. Especially, in this past decade. And I’m sure that in time, the community won’t be “separated” from the other part of this beautiful world.

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