Say Hello To Tokyo Rainbow Pride Fest

Say Hello To Tokyo Rainbow Pride Fest

Pride week or the pride parade is an event celebrating the LGBT+ communities social and self-acceptance. The Tokyo Rainbow Pride is a week-long event of acceptance and love towards the queer community. This week-long celebration that will be starting from the 28th of April is a celebration of pride. The theme for Tokyo rainbow pride 2019 ‘I have pride’ is a simple yet effective statement as the country seems to be aiming towards recognizing same-sex marriage.

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When and where

The event starts on the 27th of April 2019 and lasts till the 6th of May. It is set in the event space next to Shibuya’s Yoyogi park. Tokyo pride is an opportunity to experience the Japanese LGBT community taking to the streets and filling it with colour and pride. The march will begin at Yoyogi Park with more than 52 groups taking part in it. The crowd will begin gathering at 1 am but the march will kick start at 2 am on the same day.  The fest that will be taking place in the park will offer food, drinks, stalls, mental health counseling and lots of LGBT merch. The march will be of approximately 3km with participants marching or riding floats while dressed as diverse as the community itself.

After Parties

yes, you read it right! The parade isn’t the end. For the majority of the LGBT+ community, the festivity does not end here. They come together through these after parties that will be held throughout the week. There will be an official after party held at Aisotope lounge in Shinjuku Nichome on 28th April. The Pride Festival After Party at Magnet by Shibuya109 will be held on the 29th of April 2019. There will also be an all-femme spindle party on May 4. What more? There are major foreigner-friendly events as well; the spindle party being a part of it.


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