Seven Vibrators Designed For The Female Orgasm

Seven Vibrators Designed For The Female Orgasm

The coronavirus pandemic has ensured that we all are locked up in our homes for a long, long time. As a result, we have plenty of time on our hands to try and explore new hobbies. Or explore your sexual pleasures with different sex toys. So ladies without no further ado, take a look at these variety of vibrators designed especially for your earth shattering climaxes.

Hey, it’s never too late to spice up your sex life – with or without the help of a partner. Read, buy and enjoy!

Orgasm on your finger tips:

Finger vibrators are rigged or rubbery pads that are placed obviously over your fingertips. This rubbery goodness turns your fingers into a multi-use sex toy. Your each finger becomes a dildo and you entire hand into a vibrator. They usually consist a ring which is adjustable that has a pad and ensures maximum pleasure. The larger the bullet, the more bitingly intense your sensations will be.

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When you are strapping this rubber onto the fingers, it’s better to make use of some lube. Since, most finger vibrators come textured and could feel raw on your sensitive areas such as clitoris. Run your vibrator clad fingers over nipples, inner thighs, hips and even backside just to turn on those switches, before the using it on the hooha. Adjust how it sits on your fingers – the more downwards it rests, the greater control you possess.

Panties on fire:

These pulsing panties are a different type of vibrators which are hands free. Rest assured, putting on your panties never felt as good taking as them off.

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Vibrating panties within a specific distance from their remote handles or mobile phones are pretty famous – thanks to descriptive and hilarious movie or book scenarios. However, there exists other variations of the same with varied parameters. There are wireless vibrator panties and in-built cord vibrators – where the cord is connected to your underwear. You can even play out your conference-room-orgasm fantasies with these panties on.

Vibrators with no hocus pocus:

These also come under the hands free category, but a better version of them. You can use these vibrators to rub one out without too much work from your side. Place in on top of your clitoris, or any other sensitive area. They also consist of appendages that will help it stay secured. Specific ones have penetrative arms too. Some of these babies can be controlled through a phone application or a remote – easily set your required oscillations on the app. Never let anyone, especially mom snoop through your phone even by mistake, if you’re using this.

hands free vibrators/vibrators/Seven Vibrators Designed For The Female Orgasm
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Lay on the bed or something flat, with your towards the ceiling or facing up. Resist clenching your limbs, since that will loosen up the vibrator and let it fall. Figure out the accurate settings you want, need, and enjoy the ride!

Sex and the city vibrator:

This rabbit vibrator rose to fame after it’s feature on Sex and the City.  It’s called the ‘rabbit’, because it penetrates your vag and flutters the clitoris – all at the same time. Double arousal for the win. These bad boys also come with different speed and thrust settings.

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Set the vibrations according to your desired pace and movements, and work it your way up. Pulse the end of the dildo inside you, until you reach the perfect, pleasurable rhythms. This is even hands-free, if it can thrust.

Bullet vibrator:

This tiny bullet is designed to touch your clit, with an angled tip. It is USB chargeable, has eight varied vibration modulations, quite and travel safe. You can have your private fun time, anywhere and anytime without anyone finding out.

bullet vibrator/vibrators/Seven Vibrators Designed For The Female Orgasm
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“The smooth plastic glides super comfortably against lubricated skin, and the harder material amplifies vibration to really make a difference in sensations. This toy always comes with me when I travel, and I always come with it!”, said Lisa Finn a sex educator at Babeland to The Health.

The super vibrator:

Appearances can be deceiving, so do not get fooled by it’s dainty look. This powerful and waterproof massager comes with 20 – you heard that right – 20 varying vibration movements and ten choices of speed. You can have a complete me-time session and test out all these different times. Sounds absolutely fun to me.

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“The size of wand-style toys can be intimidating, but their iconic status among vibrators is nothing to be looked over. Le Wand is perfect for anyone looking to really work out physical tension”, added Lisa Finn.

The lipstick vibrator:

This is much more than your regular lipstick shaped sex toy. The 2Go makes use of a “suction tech” called “pleasure air” which successfully triggers the exact same sensations as when on the receiving end of oral sex. This toy hence ensures several amazing orgasms.

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“I never thought that there would be a toy that could get me off in five minutes or less, but Womanizer made that dream a reality”, said Lisa.


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