Learn It From The Sexperts

Learn It From The Sexperts

Problems about your sex life are a common thing, and sometimes it is extremely important for both you and your partner to consult a sexpert.

Some newspapers have a column that solves people’s problems and it is completely discrete and anonymous. People can spill put their problems without revealing who they are to the world. There is also presence of a lot of online sites and forums that help people discuss and solve their problems. Moreover, others who have similar problems can refer to this advice to make things better.

Today, we have picked out some real life examples of problems that couples have faced in their sex life. Hope you can take away something that helps spice things up in the bedroom.

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Asexuality after marriage?

A woman spoke out to tell how she really wants to have sex with someone but the thought of dating someone makes her sick. The idea of finding someone on Tinder or meet someone at the bar makes here feel terrified.

Despite being married for 10 years, her husband was not able to please her sexually. This is what she has to say:

“My husband hated dirty talk or kink of any kind and made me feel bad for even trying it in the beginning and doing things I had enjoyed with previous partners. I am glad we are getting divorced, and I really want to have sex again, but even the idea of dating someone new makes me feel almost physically sick. I can’t stand the idea of being anywhere near a man, but I want to have sex with a man again. Will I get over this? Is it even possible after such a horrible experience? Is this normal? Is there a way to find a kind, normal and fun male friend with benefits without having to comb bars? I have no idea.”


The prospects are mixed up.

Given the women’s revulsion at the idea of dating but wanting to have sex, it is clear that she needs time. Experts say that she has been recovering from a terrible relationship. She should listen to herself and act upon only when she is ready. If not, talking to a therapist might help improve her feelings.

It is alright to be terrified of bars and dating apps. You meet people at bars who can get a read on a person with alcohol altering their perception. Who would want that? And dating apps can feel like a slog. Moreover, there is no safety concern.

But there is an upside to apps. you can remain anonymous while you’re text chatting and meet up without even giving dates your phone number.

But do it only when you feel comfortable.

Sexual problems

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Here is a woman that is looking for advice on oral and manual techniques of pleasing her woman. Let’s call her Rio so we don’t get confused with whose who is the relationship.

Rio’s girlfriend is very sensitive to touch and even when Rio gently licks or touches her it is too intense for her partner. Rio says, “When we’re together, it tends to end with her masturbating, which is totally hot, of course, but I want to be able to make her feel good, too.”

Rio also adds, “We’re both women in our 20s, and we were best friends for years before we started dating. I’m her first girlfriend, and she’s the first woman I’ve ever topped. We’re long-distance right now and have only been together a few months, so maybe I just need more practice in the, uh, field? Also, I love rougher stimulation, so maybe I just need to fix a mismatch in what I think feels nice versus what she thinks. I’d love any advice”


This is a very “sensitive” situation.” But let us get something clear, different women, like different things. Some like it soft and others like it rough. What happens when these two types come together. It becomes hard. Like with Rios’ case.

Experts say try to touch around the clit. Squeeze the labia together near the top where the clitoris is and gently wiggle your fingers back and forth. Lick the hood but not the glans. Try using the palm of your hand to stimulate the whole pubic area, and if that’s too much, do it over her underwear or even pants.

As the sex goes on you can start very delicately and increase sensation depending on how more or less sensitive she gets. If it is more sensitive you might try finding the edge of what registers for her and staying in that range as she gets closer to orgasm.

Or one can even try her hand to direct yours. Your partner can use her fingers to masturbate herself. That way she knows what she wants and can get a knack of what she likes.

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