Sex Games: Spice Things Up With Your Lesbian Partner

Sex Games: Spice Things Up With Your Lesbian Partner

If you’re looking to spice things up in the bedroom with a long-term partner or just someone ‘special’ who lives next door, trust: Sex games are the way to anyone’s heart—errr, orgasm. Yup, it’s time to dump your old ways of making love.

Let’s be honest, we all could benefit from incorporating new ideas into our sex lives. You know you want to add a little fun to your sex life to help please your partner better.

Therefore we have a few sex games for you and your partner to try out. Check out these six sex games below that are perfect for lesbian couples or any people of any gender identity with vulvas or vaginas.

Six sex games for lesbian couples

Sexy Truth or Dare

Truth and dare might sound like a high school game but a sexy version of it could make it better. You can get this game in any store or online. Or you can even make your own version of it. The game involves a set of sticks that have questions and requests written on each side.

You and your partner can take turns picking the sticks.

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If you are thinking of buying it online you can look for it at And it costs about $14.95.

This kit features questions ranging from chill to mild, to hot and steamy. For example, a truth stick says, “would you rather have sex in a public bathroom or a parked car.” A dare sounds something like, “Make me come without using hands or mouth.”
These are just the types of questions that you can expect. Moreover, Lisa Finn who is the sex educator and brand manager at Babeland say that these questions are all gender-neutral. This way you can pair all gender identities to play.

Intimacy: The Sex Game for ANY Couple

This game will help you connect on a deeper level with your partner. It can also help connect better with yourself. Intimacy game caters to opening communication and building emotional intimacy between you and your partner. This erotic game can help you do just that.

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You can get this game online at for just $17.95.

This game encourages you to learn about your partner’s wildest fantasies and secrets. As you move around the board, you land on colored spaces. Each space corresponds to a question or activity card. The card is based on a specific theme such as intimacy, romance or fantasy. Then the person picks one of the 20 questions or activities on that card and your partner has to perform it.

This game is best played just before getting physical.

Sexy 6 Dice game

The game has six dice. Hence there are seven-hundred and twenty-two sexy possibilities. The limit of naughty, titillating opportunities does no exist. Each dice has something interesting written on it. Once you roll the dice, you and your partner have to perform whatever the dice says.

For any couple trying to get lucky, this game will help you find a new position, activity or a toy to enjoy.


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Image courtesy: Babeland

Be a little dominating

Why not explore your dominating side or your submissive side. If that is what you’re into. Try some new handcuffs and whips. Or even use retrains or role play with costumes. The best place to buy a beginner’s BDSM kit is at

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Jenny Skyler is a sexologist for Adam Eve. She says,” “Games that invite couples to safely share fantasies address both the deepening aspect of a relationship and the sexy and salacious side. With any game or activity, if anything feels triggering to either partner, having a safe word to go slower or stop is key.”

A happy ending massage

This is not a game. However, trying something news is never a bad thing. Turn off your phone, lie on your bed and let your partner give you a nice soothing massage. Set the mood right for this one. Light a few candles, or use some warm edible oil to set the scene as you start to rub your partner’s shoulders and back.

Maybe after you can try the happy ending interpretation, if you get the feels for it.

You can find these sweet-smelling massage candles on They hardly cost $8.99. You know it will be totally worth it.

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A bath is your last resort

If all is done, head to the bathtub to enjoy a bath with your partner using waterproof sex toys.

Fill up the bath, get two glasses of wine, get your partner and vibe in the tub together. Try using different vibrators that are waterproof of course. Or maybe add some sex toys to make it better.

You can also play a little game here. Take turns with the vibrator ns sex toys and see who orgasms first. The first one to orgasms loses. However, who is the real one winning?

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