This Is Exactly What Happened At A Zoom Sex Party

This Is Exactly What Happened At A Zoom Sex Party

All of us are aware of the current pandemic situation. Because of the COVID-19, we are locked inside her homes 24×7. People are finding new ways to connect with people outside through the internet. So it is not shocking to hear that people are hosting online sex parties, to help people overcome this pandemic induced loneliness. Today let’s take a look at what exactly happened at a Zoom sex party. Through Andrew’s point of view, who attended one of these parties and wrote about his experience to The Slate.

How Andrew received an invite: 

When Andrew received an email on Saturday for a queer sex party, New York City, he hesitated to open it. Just like other New Yorkers, Andrew also self isolated himself, a weekend before. Several such sex groups exist in New York, where they meet monthly or more, in dungeons that are semi secret. However, this party organiser was Andrew’s favourite in particular.

“The host, whom I’ll call Peter, has a genius for prosocial hedonism. His parties are inclusive and consent-minded (and very fun), and he had proactively, eloquently cancelled this month’s installment. In its place, he wrote on Saturday, we could join him for an hour on Zoom. The first gathering took place that night, and another was announced for Sunday”, he said.

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How Andrew prepared for the virtual sex party:

Andrew Zoom a few friends on Sunday afternoon and did some dishes, took a shower by the time sex party hour approached.

“I Zoomed Sunday afternoon with four friends, one of whom was coming directly from a Zen temple meeting on Zoom.  As the hour of group Zoom sex approached, I hid some dirty dishes and showered, but I didn’t brush my teeth or purify any other orifices. I did put on a jockstrap under my sweatpants”, told Andrew.

Although he was not a shy person, he did feel his cheeks heat up, while he was waiting “for the host to start the meeting”.

“I have outgrown most of my shyness in queer sex spaces, but I don’t think anyone ever leaves it behind fully. As I waited at my work-from-home desk “for the host to start the meeting,” I flushed as red as the time I cluelessly stumbled into a hardcore leather bar in Berlin, nearly a decade ago, with my hapless older sister in tow”, explained Andrew.

“Though I know my angles on FaceTime, Snapchat, and Skype, I’ve never cammed, and I keep my face out of most of my nudes. I wasn’t sure if I’d breach that policy tonight. To make matters worse, I indelibly associate Zoom with newsroom pitch meetings—a far more terrifying and naked experience than any orgy I’ve ever attended”, added Andrew.

The hour finally approached: 

The host greeted all the guests first and explained the rules of this party. All in easy and calm words. “I just want to make sure everyone feels like they have an outlet”, said the host to the sex party guests.

“I entered the meeting with my video off. Peter, who is serious but not intimidating, came onscreen and made smalltalk. There was no pressure to show your face or anything else, he explained in soothing tones. The previous night, a “three-hour jerk-off party” had been full of talking. Some participants had been dealing with symptoms of the coronavirus”, Andrew told The Slate.

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“The first guy on Sunday to turn on his video appeared in complete darkness with dramatic opera music blasting. He was calling in from Buenos Aires, had never attended one of the parties in New York, did not know how he got on the mailing list, and, once he turned on a light, was handsome. The opera faded out, some lurkers turned their cameras on, and the conversation took on the friendly, nervous rhythm of an age-diverse gay book club. I turned my camera on”.

At a point, it was one big jerk off session:

After the initial introductions and greetings, the jerk offs followed pretty soon.

“The stroking began soon after, our various rhythms and timbres overlapping like a minimalist composition. I switched for a while to the app’s gallery view, a grid of dicks, slack jaws, bellies, and butts, mine included. Peter would restate the guidelines whenever a newcomer joined”, said Andrew.

Andrew explained that forty minutes into the Zoom call, “Hi, we’re all here jacking off, please turn your sound off” turned into “Welcome to the MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour”. Some new person, who had just logged on, yelled “What the hell is going on?”, and starting laughing his ass off.

A threesome logged in, and showed some “spit-roasting”, to the other participants. “Peter asked us to let him know if we were going to come, so he could focus the view; a few people did”, added Andrew. They sure know how to end the show with a bang. After the hour was over, they all wished good night and logged off.

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