Sex Toy Ad on Billboard Is Empowering Women

Sex Toy Ad on Billboard Is Empowering Women

Well, it is said that you can use sex to sell anything. Apparently, it’s not true when it comes to women’s pleasure. But breaking the stereotype, a sex toy billboard in Toronto, Canada, is telling women to ‘scream your own name.’ The cheeky ad was created to promote the new ‘Womanizer’ vibrator by Wow Tech Group sex toys.

The giant billboard advertisement of Womanizer sex toy has been staring down at the people at Toronto’s bustling QEW. People are actually admiring the poster.


The billboard has spent three weeks located alongside one of Toronto’s busiest highways (the QEW at the 427), and the agency told Ad Week that it has set an endurance record for ads of its kind in North America. Usually, this kind of posters receive complaints within a matter of days. But it is a miracle that the current billboard has seen the light of day for a full three weeks.The longer it stays up, the more barriers it will break down when it comes to society’s standards for selling sex.

Breaking the stereotype

Such campaigns are not expressly prohibited by advertising laws historically. But neither regions of a newspaper’s classified ads or specialist publications as prudish media companies becomes ready to change the stereotype as they shy away from such content and the controversies they can generate.

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According to Stephanie Keating, the Marketing Manager at Wow Tech Group, advertisements focused solely on women’s pleasure are often rejected by ad companies. While men’s sexual health-ads such as condoms and lubricant, sold by mainstream companies are common in the advertisement world.

“We approach every media buy with trepidation, as we never know if our investment is going to see the light of day.” explained Keating, according to Adweek. She also said that regardless of the medium, their ads have been censored even when they contain no explicit content. But for the moment, she’s enjoying a rare moment of victory. It is a big win for the company as well as the whole industry.


Wow Tech Group worked with PinkCherry retailer and design firm, The Garden to come up with this content design idea. Where other sex toys ad always focuses on men, this ad is empowering women.

This bold move of the company has made international headlines. Many of the marketing experts are saying that it is one the best content strategy used till now.

Fans of the billboard, many of whom are in marketing themselves, took to Twitter to praise the clever ad.

“File this under ‘I wish I’d written that,'” one person wrote. Another added: “Wish I had named this product and written the billboard headline. Wittiest as I’ve seen in years.”

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