You are a SEXpert: True or False?

You are a SEXpert: True or False?

Sex is an integral part of most of our lives. It’s an activity that gives pleasure and most people love to indulge in it. It might mean different things for each one of us, and all of our experiences might be unique; Yet there are a few things that cross all our minds, at some point of time. And there are a few basics that we should all know.

If you have lost yourself in sexual pleasures before, or if you are a very curious mind that loves to research; you might already know a lot of the basics of sex and sexuality. But it’s time to test your knowledge!

Do you think you have it in you to be called a SEXpert? Just tell us if you think these 10 statements about sex are true or false, and we’ll tell you if you really are a pro!


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