A Fetish That Will Surely Grab Your Attention!

A Fetish That Will Surely Grab Your Attention!

Sexual fetishes are nothing new. You’ve heard about feet fetish, tickle fetish, hair fetish – to name a few among the common ones. I bet Insect Fetishes is something you never came across until now. 

Before we launch into it, let’s first get the understanding of ‘fetish’ straight. 

First things first, kink and fetishes are NOT the same thing. Kink or kinkiness is a contradiction to conventional sexual practices, like the missionary. Spanking for example is a kink. For those who believe that they have a spanking fetish, you know nothin’ mate. 


Dense Reyne, a sexologist and psychologist explains, “A fetish is typically referred to as a behavior that someone cannot get sexually aroused without. Fetishes can also be a term people use to describe a sexual arousal that is coupled with a typically non-sexual object”.

Developing an annoying fixation, sexually, on a non breathing object or a body part that is not genitalia – is basically what a fetish is.

Now imagine having a sexual fixation on a living being, such as insects or bugs. Did I just see you cringe? Coming up next will give you more reasons to cringe and harder this time.


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This falls under zoophilia, and basically means that you have a fetish for things crawling up or nibbling your body. These things are nothing but insects like ants and other small creatures.

A reported case study of this fetish, from 1986, talks about a boy whose hobby was to store ants in his cupboard at the age of nine. He would enjoy the ticklish feeling as the ants crawled up his body. His father beat him up for having a sexual relationship with another boy, at the age of ten. Along with ants, his cupboard collection had new additions such as small snails and cockroaches. He mostly preoccupied all of his time with them, by the age of 13 or 14. Initially he masturbated to ants crawling up his legs, then progressed to pleasuring himself while cockroaches crawled on his thighs and testicles and snails crawled over his nipples and penis.This developed by the age of 28. Although this habit disgusted him, he was unable to stop it because he failed to derive pleasure from normal sexual practices. John William Money, a psychologist and sexologist, explained in his study that the patient developed formicophilia as an alternative outlet. The association of his sexual expression with the father’s abuse is the reason, explained John.

What we can conclude

If you are concluding that this condition occurs only with people suffering from mental trauma, pull those thoughts back. Because another recorded case from 2012 explains how a fourteen old boy triggered this fetish after seeing ants crawling on an ice cream stick. His curiosity picked to know how he would feel, if they crawled up his penis. This socially competent and intellectually sound patient, started experimenting with fire ants crawling his genitals. He enjoyed the fruits of his experiments to an extent that turned it into a hobby. He even carried it into his adulthood. Interestingly, dogs and goats also aroused him. Wait, I think you need a puke break.

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Many disorders like depression and anxiety, are cured by therapy. It is possible to treat this rare paraphilia by therapy and counselling. 

Generally, a wide range of people do not seek treatment unless it affects their lifestyle in some way. Ignorance is bliss is the patient’s motto. Unless there is no other way, they choose to stay mute and never discuss about it with a specialist. People suffering, usually learn how to live with it, by simply accepting their fetish. Everyone is perfectly flawed yes, but clearly this is no normal flaw right?

They even manage to find ways that will feed their sexual gratification in an apt or befitting way. For the ones who do want to solve this problem, the following gives you a list of sought out treatments: Psychoanalysis, hypnosis, behavior therapy, cognitive therapy and drug therapy.


Remember, to try to eliminate this disorder is not the attention. Getting rid of the guilt a patient is subjecting himself through and boosting his self-image, is the primary focus. As we saw above, the patients who suffer from this usually develop a disgust towards themselves for their inability to stop it. Never seek treatment without consulting a doctor. Always visit a therapist or a specialist and let him/her guide you through the whole process of healing. Seriously guys, self medication is unappreciated. Google is not the accurate solution generator for this specific problem or otherwise called disorder. 


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