Sexualities We’ve All Heard of, but Don’t Really Know About

Sexualities We’ve All Heard of, but Don’t Really Know About

There are over 16 different types of sexualities and LGBTQ+ covers about half of them. One single person can have more one type of sexual orientation. With the arrival of LGBTQ+ awareness, people have begun to understand that sexuality comes in many forms. And that these may or may not fit within the binary of heteronormative understanding.

But wait, let me just stop to clarify what sexuality and sexual orientation really means. Sexuality is the sexual thoughts, feelings, and emotions that you have towards other people. And who you are attracted to determines the sexual orientation. This may or may not be based on gender. Picks/Sexualities We've All Heard of, but Don't Really Know About
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Remember, as I mentioned earlier, an individual can have more than one type of sexual orientation. This means that a lesbian asexual is a possibility, a transgender homosexual is also a possibility. So keep your mind open for some lessons on the types of sexuality.

Let’s start with the basics:


An allosexual is someone who simply experiences sexual attraction. A majority of the population falls under this category. Allosexual is an adjective that is basically the antonym of asexual.


Take a wild guess! Auto, self, automatic, something that happens on its own. Well if you still don’t get, it Autosexuals are individuals who are aroused and satiated by themselves. And need nobody else. This is not limited to masturbation. A few people have sexual urges but do not need/want another person to satisfy the need. Picks/Sexualities We've All Heard of, but Don't Really Know About
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Usually masked as old school romantics, demisexuals are those who need to connect on an emotional level before they are ready to get in bed with another. So flings, one night stands, and hookups are usually out of the question. Do not see this as a need for the individual to be romantic. The emotional connect does not equate to romance. In millennial terms, we could call it a vibe.


And there are a few that are not so well-known


The individuals who are attracted by non-binary people. This means that Cis Gender people do not fascinate the Skoliksexuals.



As a Spectrasexual, an individual feels a sexual attraction to the range of sexes, genders, and gender identities. This is different from omnisexual or pansexual people.  Pansexuals are attracted to people irrespective of their gender.


Gynecophilia/ Gynesexual:

Gynesexuals are people who are attracted to feminity. This may or may not necessarily be the attraction towards women, but rather just the feminine traits. This attraction could be romantical or sexual. So a demisexual could be a gynesexual as well. This is quite evident in the type of partners you choose for yourself. Not that everyone has to fall under this category, but you might see a slight partiality. Picks/Sexualities We've All Heard of, but Don't Really Know About
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If you are someone who leans on the other side of Gynesexual, you are an androsexual. Androsexuals find masculinity attractive. Similar to Gynesexuals, androsexuals can also find the masculinity attracting them sexually, romantically and/or emotionally.

Gynesexuals and Androsexuals have no limitations on gender or sex. The likelihood that females are feminine and men are masculine is rather more. Which is what could make Gynesexuality and Androsexuality difficult to trace. Picks/Sexualities We've All Heard of, but Don't Really Know About
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And those that are recent developments in understanding sexuality


If you are an androgynosexual person, firstly god bless you for pronouncing that. Secondly, if you feel a sexual attraction towards people who “appear” both male and female, then you are androgynosexual. The attraction towards people with an androgynous appearance. Androgynous people are those who appear parts male and parts female, or of indeterminate sex.


A metrosexual is usually a man who has a great sense of fashion and invests on his appearance. This includes time, money, effort that a man puts in. If you wonder why it is limited to men, it is because other genders are thought to have a good aesthetical sense. (Are you offended by this or do you think it is a compliment?) The term Metrosexual was coined in the 2000s. The time when we began talking about the woman’s view of pleasure and voyeurism. And also when we began to break away from the patriarchy.


The word Pomosexual is a combination of pomo which is an abbreviation of ‘postmodern’ and sexual. This is apparently, not a ‘sexuality’ on its own. Pomosexuals have become more popular recently and a lot of celebrities have been following this form of sexuality. A pomosexual individual rejects any and every sexually-oriented labels. Since it is obsolete and unrequired.



Are you someone who does not want sex very often, but on a few instances experience sexual attraction or sexual desire?  Then you are a Graysexual! This term also extends to people who have low sex drive. Basically, if you are somewhere between sexual and asexual feelings, this word is perfect for you! Picks/Sexualities We've All Heard of, but Don't Really Know About
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Words and terms are not to box people. That is the thing about sexuality and gender, it cannot be boxed off quite so easily. This does not take away from a basic fact. Many of us prefer to identify and addressed ourselves in certain ways. And our boxes should be personified according to our individual self and your own needs. You could identify with none of these sexualities or more than 3 of them, but either way, it is only your comfort that matters.

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