These Six Questions Will Reveal Your Kink

These Six Questions Will Reveal Your Kink

While people refer to “fetish” and “kink” as the same, in reality that is not the case. A kink refers to an activity or behavior that a person enjoys that exists beyond the rules of “traditional” sex. One person’s kink may be bondage, and they might be super excited when they’re tied up. Or another person might  have a bondage fetish, and their complete sexuality might revolve around control or restraint. Meanwhile, a turn-on is just  something that simply gets a person in the mood.

It’s important to understand and remember that people of any gender identities or orientations can have kinks. And what’s kinky to one, might be considered as vanilla by another person. Also while being kinky is followed by many stigmas, kinks are slowly rising to a mainstream. “I always thought you couldn’t have an unconventional lifestyle and fall into success. Now I know you can live a kinky lifestyle and still be successful,” said Stephanie, a 25 year old to the Allure.

While thinking of kink, we often bring up BDSM, that involves an erotic power exchange by means of dominance and submission. BDSM is definitely kinky, but not all kinks come below the BDSM umbrella. It is also common for people to have more than one fetish or fetish.

Well, now that we’re done with this small sex education – do you ever wonder what your kink is? Then go ahead! Take this survey and we will answer your question for you.

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