Six Questions That Will Help You Find The Best Sex Position

Six Questions That Will Help You Find The Best Sex Position

Sex is great and a wonderful experience, no doubts about it there. As amazing and fun as sex could be, it’s not how porn or eroticas or movies depict it to be. Not all parts of sex is completely enjoyable. There are certain times when you just don’t seem to hit it off with your partner for the first few rounds in the bedroom. At times the emotions either romantic or sexual or both are just not there. And there are other times, there’s no enough time to really get into the heat of the moment or even spark the heat.

Finally, there are times you just aren’t feeling like doing it.

BUT. Sometimes, it’s really all about the sex position you and your partner are in.

Also, one must definitely admit to the fact that some sex positions are just so much better than others. Take for example,  some like for their partner to be on top. Others love it when their partner is on top of them. This position is often called as “doggy style.”

Many people are more into oral or anal sex. Of course a majority of the population is very very comfortable with the classic missionary.

Now, when it comes to you – what’s your most favourite and comfortable sex position?

It is also possible that there’s too much pain in one part of your body which makes you unable to focus on the pleasure a particular position is giving. Or it could simply be that there is a height difference which just isn’t really compatible with what you two are trying. Honestly, there are too many factors to consider —hence this quiz.

Take this survey and find out what’s the best sex position for you! It’s always good to know what works for you and what doesn’t.

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