This Lesbian Couple Found Love On Tinder

This Lesbian Couple Found Love On Tinder

If you tell me that you never once wondered, about finding true love, in your whole life, I’m not going to believe you. That you never had a fleeting moment of curiosity induced sadness, that no one seems to be a perfect match. You’re definitely lying if you tell me that romance movies, shows and books don’t fill you with hope, that one day you will find your forever too. It’s okay people, channeling my inner philosopher, we are all destined with someone. And you will meet this someone when it’s the right time. Until then, check out this another love story of Madhumitha and Sayali, that will boost up your hope.

Amidst the coronavirus lockdown, this woman went down on one knee and asked her girlfriend’s hand for marriage. We are honoured to share the story of this lesbian couple Sayali and Madhumita. These two met on Tinder six months ago, and are now engaged.

This week we at Fifty Shades Of Gay, had a chat with Madhumita, a lawyer from Pune, about her love story. Go ahead and read on, this tale will leave a smile on your face.

Sayali/Sayali/Story Of How This Lesbian Couple Fell In Love
Madhumita (left) and Sayali (right)

Madhumita, first of all, congratulations on the engagement! Please tell us, why do you choose to share your love story?

We believe that finding love isn’t that easy, but it happens and we are fortunate to have found love. With all the negativity in this world, here’s us trying to contribute to add some optimism and happiness.

How many women did you date in the past? Is dating easy for the LGBTQIA+ people in our country?

A lot of people in India are still exploring their sexuality, and choose to remain closeted despite having confirmation of the same. It gets difficult when societal pressures start acting upon people and they decide to compromise and stick to the more socially acceptable form of sexuality. All this makes dating and falling in love more volatile than it usually should be.

An amazing relationship or an amazing connection – what according to you is long lasting?

An amazing relationship; connections come and go. An amazing connection is a gamble or if I may, a lottery. A relationship is like an investment in mutual funds, it grows stronger by the day and you get to enjoy the fruits at a later date. In a relationship, one consciously and voluntarily make efforts towards your partner. Relationships are built from scratch, they have the ability to sustain and bear a little rough weather. In summation, a connection might lose its novelty, but a relationship built and nurtured with love, will stay.

When did you meet your partner, Sayali, for the first time?

A week or two after we started talking through Tinder, I had a party at my place and invited her. My friends were informed that I have a date too, and more than me they were excited and eager to meet her.

It was October, it was raining cats and dogs. The first person to show up for the party was her, and I hadn’t really expected her to be there on time. But there she was, slightly damp hair, a lot of perfume, and this infectious smile on her face. As I welcomed her in, I gave her an awkward hand shake. I was wearing shorts and a T-shirt, and although she thought she was being subtle, I could see her checking out my legs. I was flattered a little, and extremely conscious.

As the night proceeded she gelled with all my friends like she’d known them for years. We kept stealing glances at each other, hoping the other one won’t notice. I was really happy and excited to have her there. It felt serendipitous. The same night we had our first kiss, and it was in that moment that I knew that she was the one for me. Two days later I asked her if she wanted to be in a relationship and make it official, she said yes. And it’s been six months now.

Do you remember the first exact thought that crossed your mind, when you saw her for the first time?

It was a rainy day and her hair was slightly damp. She smelt amazing. And she had this huge smile on her face. She felt like a cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter night, with mini marshmallows on top.

How did things escalate, from your first meeting to now?

Pretty much everything happened on the first meeting. Although Sayali held back a little initially, I had made up my mind about her, and dove in head first into this adventure.

Sayali/Sayali/Story Of How This Lesbian Couple Fell In Love

Every relationship comes with it’s own fair share of happiness and hardships. Did/Do you guys face the same struggles as other couples?

Umm yes, a little jealousy and misunderstandings, its all normal. I guess when you love someone a little much, these things don’t matter.

When was the exact moment you knew, that she was THE ONE for you?

The first time we kissed, I knew exactly then that this is it.

Who proposed who? Tell us all the details of this lovely day.

It was my birthday, and because we’ve been under lockdown because of COVID, Sayali had to propose with a keyring. She went down on her knee and told me that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with me and that she would never say no for getting pizza at 2 in the night. And the deal was sealed.

Give us a glimpse of the future, that you both have pictured together.

We have plans to get a small apartment together in the near future. I can’t wait to be married and build a life with her and have our own version of happily forever after 🙂

How does your dream wedding look like?

I want it to be a proper extravagant Bollywood event, but Sayali doesn’t. Let’s see who wins 😉

What are your thoughts on LGBTQIA+ empowering platforms such as Fifty Shades Of Gay?

It’s heartwarming to see people coming out and accepting themselves. Thanks to Fifty shades of gay, it gives us a platform to be heard without having the fear of judgment.

Please give our readers some advice on coming to terms with their sexuality and some tips on how to find love.

Be yourself. Love yourself. No one is gonna do it if you don’t. It might seem that its taking forever for things to fall in place, but trust me, they will. PS, A happy woman is NOT a myth.

A special note from Madhumita and Sayali to their friends –

Shoutout to Shikha, Shravani (Raavan), Enu, Adu, Thanmai, Tanu, Ajinkya, Akshay, Taniya, Shradha, Pratiksha and Tanvi. We are extremely thankful for having you guys as our pillars of strength. Without you all, our journey would definitely not be this easy. We love you, now and forever.

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