9 Things Straight People Think Are ‘Absolutely Gay’

9 Things Straight People Think Are ‘Absolutely Gay’

Who knew that even in 2021, straight people still categorize many things as ‘totally gay’? Since toxic masculinity and homophobia still exist on this planet, it’s no surprise that people continue to define what makes a man ‘straight’ and fill the ‘gay’ box with brand new things everyday.

Here are 9 things that people think are absolutely gay. Read on to find yourself giggling at the world’s stupidity!

Ordering dessert:

Didn’t you know? If a man orders dessert it makes him gay! Ordering dessert makes a man as gay as having a sexual or romantic relationship with another guy. Utter crap. Look at these bizarre tweets where people said that REAL men eat only meals:

Eating breakfast: 

Yup. That’s right. If you want to be a power oozing alpha STRAIGHT male you should NEVER be seen eating breakfast. I know right?

How does a simple act of eating the most healthy meal of the day make anyone GAY?

Using face products or having good hygiene habits:

Apparently, REAL straight men never use facial products. They are not allowed to have a daily hygiene routine to take care of themselves. It’s against the rules and regulations of being an alpha, straight male. So, only gay men can have health regimens!


On what planet does recycling waste make any one gay? Well, on this planet it definitely seems so.

One of the major reasons why men choose to not recycle or take part in any eco-friendly practices is because they fear that their sexuality will be questioned; says a research from 2019.

It seems toxic masculinity is going to take us down along with the ozone layer.


If you want to prove to the world that you’re straight, just simply stop leaning! Stop leaning on people or things, and stand up STRAIGHT just like real men would do.

Sexual intercourse with women:

Don’t need to read it twice, because the time has come to add ‘straight men engaging in sexual activities with women’ to the ever-bulking ‘gay box’.

“Any man who has an obscene amount of sex with a high number (of) women consistently over years is a potential undercover gay man,” a Twitter user, @LadeIsPower, ridiculously gave her theory. “Being a nympho/deviant is the gateway to homosexuality. It’s why a lot of these rappers are gay. Eventually, you get so tired of (expletive) you begin to ‘explore.'”

The reactions to this tweet, were as expected:

Dating strong women: 

According to this Twitter user’s powers of deduction, any man who wishes to be with a strong, independent woman is totally gay. Because manly, masculine men should only want to date women who are submissive and bend at their will.

Rolling your eyes hard? Right there with you reader.

Extreme homophobia and misogyny is the worst combination ever and we all absolutely hate to see it.

Drinking water with lemon:

If you thought ‘gayness’ doesn’t apply to drinking water, then you’re absolutely wrong. According to this Twitter user, asking for lemon to be added in your drinking water is a very “womanly” thinking to do for men, and should be avoided at all costs.

Are you asking yourself where does this madness end? We don’t have an answer to it either.

Having a liking to flowers:

Ever hear of a dad questioning his ONE YEAR OLD son’s sexuality because the baby likes flowers?

This mom had to take to Reddit to seek advice on how to handle the situation where her fragile hubby things developing a liking for bananas, books, flowers and light is a clear cut sign that their baby boy (literally) is gay.

Here is the screenshot of the post which went viral a few months ago:

“This has been going on for months,” read the original poster. “I am tired of it, find it very strange and even though I’ve tried several times he doesn’t seem to understand he’s being ridiculous.”

“Each time one of these has come up, I’ve clearly disagreed with my husband when he makes his comments. I’ve told him none of them have anything to do with being gay or straight, boy or girl. I can’t believe I’m having to have the conversation in the first place. My patience is wearing thin,” she continued.

“This bothers me in a few ways,” she added. “First off even if he did turn out to be gay, I would like to think my husband would love and accept him the same as if he’s straight. I’ve asked him before if he would and he says “of course” like I’m crazy to question. He says he’s just joking. But his comments come off like he’s critical.”

What is genuinely concerning is the fact it’s 2021, and there are still people who spew such bullshit on the internet. With all the resources available to understand sexual identities, gender identities, and honestly everything about the LGBTQIA+, it’s saddening to see people finding new ways to define the community, which is utter crap.

Will this nightmare ever end?

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