Students Protest Against Israel Education Minister For Anti-Gay Remarks

Students Protest Against Israel Education Minister For Anti-Gay Remarks

Students of Israel have taken the streets to protest. The reason being, education minister Rafi Peretz passed anti-gay remarks during one of his interviews.

Rafi Peretz is the head of the Jewish Home party. He is also a former rabbi in Israel’s Defence Forces. Someone of such a high rank passing anti-gay remarks can spruce up the LGBTQ youths and other individuals to take to the streets. And that is what has led to the recent protests in the country.

Rafi Peretz widely criticized for anti-gay remarks.

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In an interview with Yedioth Ahronoth, the minister passes some homophobic remarks. And these remarks were highly criticized. The minister insisted that a normal family consists of a man and a woman. The interviewer asked him how he would react if his children would come out to him as gay. The response was astonishing. Rafi Peretz replied that his kids grew up in a healthy and natural way. He believes that they are building their families from Jewish values.

Remarks like this would obviously cause chaos among LGBTQ individuals. In an interview with The Times of Israel Rafi Peretz explained that he is not ashamed to live in this natural way, that is, being in a man and woman relationship.

There were many other remarks the minister passed that had been slammed by both politicians and many LGBTQ activists. Israeli Labour representative Itzik Shmuli shared a picture of his partner and their son and he wrote: “This is what a ‘natural and healthy’ family looks like.” Moreover, Nitzan Horowitz of the Meretz party called Peretz a contemptible person.

This is probably not the first time the Minister has come under fire for his anti-gay remarks. Last year he passed a comment that caused a storm of controversies. He said that it was possible to convert someone’s sexual orientation. This kind of remarks is not accepted by LGBTQ individuals or any individual for that matter. As a minister of a country, he should know better to not pass such homophobic remarks. Especially when you know you are addressing a large group of LGBTQ audiences.

Israel students protest against homophobic comments.

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According to the Time Of Israel, many students protest against the comments passed by Rafi Peretz. Thousands of students attended this protest.

Hila Koren is a 16-year-old organizer who passes a very wise comment against the minister. Politicians and ministers are supposed to be leading the country and represent all communities and different sexual tendencies. These higher authorities cant come along and say what is normal. They cant trample entire communities and hurt people’s feelings and thoughts.

“I’m currently protesting against #Homophobic statements by my country’s Education Minister, Rabbi Rafi Peretz”

Ran Erez of the Secondary School Teachers Association stood up to praise these young organizers for “moral stance of the right for every person to live as he wishes.” He added that with these actions they demonstrate practical citizenship.

There were many politicians also who did not agree with the Israel ministers thoughts.

Justice minister Amir Ohana is one of the country’s gay politicians. He was one of the many who criticized Rafi Peretz’s comments. He called Peretz reprehensible, backwards and wrong.

The Likud politician wrote: “I condemn Minister Peretz’s unfortunate remarks, and not for the first time. His remarks do not reflect the government’s position. I grew up in a healthy, loving, loving family, and so are the children of many LGBT+ people in all parts of the country, across the political spectrum.” He also added that his colleague’s thoughts are not based on knowledge and facts. But rather they are based on prejudice.

Well, after all these remarks against the minister Rafi Peretz should understand that what he says is unacceptable by many.

Rafi Peretz’s comments on conversion therapy- backtracked.

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The education minister passed a comment that caused a wave of controversies last year. He said that it was possible for an individual to convert their sexual orientation.

But days later, he backtracked his views on the topic. He explained, “During my years as an educator I was approached on several occasions about issues of sexual preference. Moreover, I always listened carefully to the challenges brought before me and sometimes urged consultations with professionals.”

He added saying that he knew conversion therapy was wrong and invalid. The minister backtracked his previous comments saying, “I understand that this is an invasive treatment that is harmful to the human psyche, causes those treated with it more suffering than relief and can even put people’s lives in jeopardy and lead to suicidal tendencies.”

“I never suggested conversion therapy, which I oppose utterly.”

After which he even said that he would accept Israeli boys and girls as they are, irrespective of their sexual orientation.

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