Super Dad Invents Swimsuit Bottoms For His Baby Trans girl

Super Dad Invents Swimsuit Bottoms For His Baby Trans girl

Ruby, an eleven year old trans girl, was going on a holiday with her family to the Panama. It’s the first beach trip since her transition. But her father worried if wearing a swimsuit would hurt his beloved daughter. This led Jamie Alexander, Ruby’s dad, to go on a solution hunt.


Ruby had already identified as a woman for a few years. But going to the beach presented a new problem altogether .The hurtful reactions of people at the sight of a bulge in her pants, might cause Ruby a great sense of pain and humiliation was Jamie’s biggest concern. “In the early days, when she socially transitioned,” Alexander said, “we put her in boys’ clothing for gym and swimming. But for swimsuits in public, it’s a general fear that you don’t want your kid to be sort of called out… it’s a potential safety issue”.

So to protect and shield his girl, the problem solver Jamie, came up with his own line of bathing suit bottoms. He recently launched them and since his little girl was the inspiration, the company is named Rubies, after his baby trans girl. Every girl deserves to shine – is their slogan.

Quite the superhero dad right?

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Jamie is an entrepreneur in the technology industry. With no prior experience whatsoever in the fashion tech industries, he initiated his research in finding a solution. He joined several Facebook groups for trans kids parents as part of his research. As a result, he realised that bathing suits were either a problem for the trans girls, or their parents. It was a common ground for all of them.

Ryerson’s Fashion Zone, a business incubator helped Jamie connect with the industry advisers in fashion and technology. Based on feedback from 25 trans girls from the U.S. and Australia, they developed prototypes together. These bottoms were designed using a smoothing compression technology to hide their genitals. He decided to start a small size business, focusing on the development of basic swim suit bottoms for trans girls. Rubies doesn’t even make bathing suit tops, since he wanted to work on tackling the issue at hand.

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Currently, available in black and sparkling pink, Rubies sell only swimsuit bottoms. Instead they have released t-shirts with the company’s motto on them. Buyers can pair the swimsuit bottoms with these t-shirts or the ones bought elsewhere.

“Each pair of RUBIES bikini bottoms and underwear features a soft compression that provides worry-free comfort and helps keep everything in place. It’s designed for the beach, the gym, the pool, or the dance lessons – without the slightest compromise in style.” – This is exactly what the official website says about their products. Several agree that it is true to it’s words.

To acquire these stylish yet comfortable, form fitting bathing suit bottoms or underwear, visit their official website – You can create an account, and order or pre-order the products of your choice.

However, the starting price for one bottom is about $44 and there exist many who are unable to pay for the product. Jamie declared that he would be giving away a thousand pieces to all those families who can’t afford them, on the other hand.

Along with products, the customers receive a handwritten card with a heartfelt message – from both Jamie and Ruby. One such cards has seen Ruby write, “You are like a star that shines bright, that’s more special than anyone else. And don’t let anyone dim that light.” “As I was reading this, I was crying and this is tears of joy that someone really cares”, said a woman who got one of these cards.


Rubies even provides you with a platform to reach out to other trans girls and parents. Their campaign, ‘Every girl deserves to shine’, has been originated for this cause. For instance, after a trans girl grows out of her swimwear, parents can return it to the company through mail. This way, families who have applied for a free product will definitely receive it. On a first come first serve basis. Families in need have to apply at the website.

Firstly, Jamie Alexander set a standard example, for all those parents who are not yet ready to accept their kid’s decision to transition. Secondly, he paved way for trans girls to live a happy life minus the humiliation, in their chosen forms.

Think of the big picture where your child gets to be happy in his/her own skin you all. It’s high time you learn from such superdads and supermoms. Take notes on how to love your wards or co-humans unconditionally, irrespective of what or how they are.

Thank you Jamie for being such a wonderful dad and a lovely human being!

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