Sushant Divgikar ‘Pills The Beans On Drag’

Sushant Divgikar ‘Pills The Beans On Drag’

Vitamin Stree by Supari Studios

‘Pills the Beans’ with Sushant Divgikar on Drag

Fashion is of major interest to both men and women across the globe, however there are certain aspects that we’ve struggled to decode either out of the fact that there isn’t enough coverage or because many don’t relate to them.

Sushant Divgikar

It could be what high heels are to men, or the lack of variety in men’s fashion, to women. In keeping with Vitamin Stree’s constant effort to create content around ideas that are relatively fresh and unexplored in India, Vitamin Stree had Sushant Divgikar come on board for their short documentary,

where he ‘Pills the Beans’ on Drag.


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While Drag is still a relatively new art form in India, Sushant Divgikar has found himself a place internationally with his

Rani-Ko-He-Nur avatar.

Sushant as Rani-Ko-He-Nur
Sushant as Rani-Ko-He-Nur


In Vitamin Stree’s latest video, Sushant ‘Pills the Beans’ as both himself and Rani, and compels us with both their perspectives on drag, fashion and what it’s like to be the eccentric, Rani-Ko-He-Nur.

 This piece aims to introduce a person to everything that goes into transforming into a drag queen (or king) and explain what it’s like to be a part of a rather unique set of artists.

Tara Kapur of Vitamin Stree

Tara Kapur of Supari Studios
Tara Kapur of Supari Studios

“At Vitamin Stree, we aim to do two things:

1) educate our viewers about topics and issues that they might not be aware of, and

2) create conversations and be as inclusive as possible. This piece with Sushant attempts to hit both these targets and we hope it gets a lot more people to have more conversations about Drag.”


Executive Producer: Tara Kapur

Creative Producer: Aanandita Banerjee

Director: Tanvi Gandhi

DOP: Aditya Kapur

Location Courtesy: The Lalit Mumbai, Kitty Su, Lila Boutique, NATIVE

Special Thanks: Akshat Gupt, Keshav Suri

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 By: Delshad Master

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