Taipei Ready for Asia’s Largest LGBTQ+ Film-making Summit

Taipei Ready for Asia’s Largest LGBTQ+ Film-making Summit

The GOL Summit is Asia’s Largest LGBTQ+ Filmmaking Conference. And it is now ready for launch in Taipei. LGBT+ films have grown and there is a remarkable increase in the number of LGBT+ characters in the media. And summits like these can only mean more cohesion and exploration of LGBT+ ideas, issues, and perspectives. And this year, the city of Taipei will see what magic the summit brings in!

Taiwan is set to cement its position as the beating heart of LGBTQ+ cinema in Asia with the launch of the region’s largest LGBTQ+ filmmaking conference later this month. The GOL Summit brings together experts in different areas of film production to share their insights and experiences and foster new connections across the region. LGBTQ Movies/Taipei Ready for Asia's Largest LGBTQ+ Film-making Summit
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All About the Conference

The one-day conference, organized by Portico Media, we will host panels on film funding, production, distribution and marketing, plus two keynote lectures. “Just look around you and you’ll see LGBTQ+ cinema is going from niche to mainstream” said Jay Lin, CEO of Portico and conference convener. “Taiwan is already making a name for itself as a hub for regional LGBTQ+ cinema with world-famous movies being shot, produced, and distributed from our country. This conference will bring together the region’s greatest LGBTQ+-friendly cinematic minds and kick the industry into overdrive.”

The conference takes place less than a month after Taiwan’s capital, Taipei, hosted Asia’s largest-ever LGBT pride parade, attracting 200,000 marchers from around the region. GOL Summit will be held the day after the world’s largest Chinese-language film awards, the Golden Horse Awards, take place in Taipei and just before the Asiahub New Media Summit.

Lin will kick off the summit with a speech on the position of LGBTQ+ cinema in Asia. Tsao Wen-chieh is the President of Taiwan’s Public Television Service. He will share how PTS is rejuvenating local content with strategic partnership with global players in another keynote speech. Regional filmmakers including Zero Chou, Chen Ming-lang, and Anusorn Soisa-ngim will discuss how receptive Asia is to LGBTQ+ cinema, while Jennifer Jao, Director at the Taipei Film Commission, and producer Jin Ong will sit on a panel sharing popular LGBTQ+ stories from the year and what is in their pipelines for 2020. 

In between sessions, the summit will showcase GagaOOLala and GOL STUDIOS’ recent international co-productions. The event will also include an invite-only reception with more than 100 industry names. LGBTQ Movies/Taipei Ready for Asia's Largest LGBTQ+ Film-making Summit
Image Courtesy: Gol Summit

Hi Taipei!

The GOL Summit is supported by the Taipei Film Commission, Taiwan’s Ministry of Culture. As well as the newly-established Taiwan Creative Content Agency. GOL Summit is also pleased to welcome Variety and Content Asia as media partners. “What is the present and future of LGBTQ+ content in Asia? What can we all do to shift from invisible to visible, from niche to mainstream? And, most importantly, how do we work together to make this happen? These are the questions we will tackle in Taipei this month,” said Lin.

GOL Summit kicks off at the Howard Plaza Hotel Taipei at 1.30 p.m. Attendance is free but registration is required. More information at

Why Filmmaking Summit?

As Jay Lin mentioned, LGBT+ movies are moving from niche to mainstream cinema. But to make it happen, there should be a better understanding of the LGBT+ communities. Not only by the LGBT+ individuals but also by the heterosexual population. The rise in awareness also means that the people can now represent and portray LGBT+ characters and situations in greater accuracy. For films to lean towards inclusivity and diversity through LGBT+ representation will mean better depth and realistic stories.

Media has always held a vital hand in expressing ideas without directly communicating with the masses. The summit will thus be able to send out messages of normalcy and challenge gendered boxes of performance and lifestyle. It will also help filmmakers understand how to present LGBT+ in different genres. And without having to forcefully focus upon their sexuality. There is an equal focus upon the stories to build a film as well the audience who consume what is made.

The ministry of culture has also vested in the summit. This only goes to show that the country is paying attention to inclusivity and acceptance of the LGBT+ community. With speakers across platforms tapping on the different aspects of LGBT+ films, and filmmaking, in general, is a promise for an enriching experience. Asia has been struggling with comprehending LGBT+ because of preset culture and religious beliefs and prescriptions. Asian population understands gender roles differently from European and American states. And there are barriers for the Asian LGBT+ community to overcome. Especially since Asian LGBT+ lacks representation compared to the west. And this summit could turn out to be exactly what we need.

All we have left is to wait and watch for the outcome.


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