Taiwan celebrates first pride after same-sex marriage ruling

Taiwan celebrates first pride after same-sex marriage ruling

Taiwan celebrated 15 years of pride on Saturday, with over one lakh people from more than 20 countries participating in the pride parade. This was the first pride event in the island nation following the top court’s ruling to legalize same-sex marriage. The Taiwan government, under this ruling, was given a period of two years to implement the court’s ruling.


While it remains unclear as to when the government would incorporate the ruling, the community zealously took it to the streets for the annual pride event. The two-hour parade that kicked off at one in the afternoon had three groups marching on three different routes before converging at Ketagalan Boulevard for the evening performances and speeches. In the wake of the apex court’s ruling, the community brought the focus back on legalization of same-sex marriage, which is in the government’s hand following the ruling. Immense emphasis was also laid on gender-based education in the country.


The Taipei Times quoted the Spokesperson of Taiwan Gender Equity Education Association as saying, “When people are familiar with different sexual orientations across the spectrum, they will be less likely to discriminate against others who are different from themselves. Marriage Equality Platform spokesperson Jennifer Lu, the same report stated, called on the government to speed up same-sex marriage legislation, adding that the equality of all citizens should come before what the opposition groups call “solidarity.”

Written by – Suyash Karangutkar 

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