Texting Rules To Keep In Mind For Gays And Bisexuals

Texting Rules To Keep In Mind For Gays And Bisexuals

For almost a decade now, texting has turned into a very mainstream habit. I mean, duh, who writes letters or uses telephones anymore? It is a given that all of us understand the rules of the texting game, by now. Of course there are serious texting rules to be followed, don’t be so surprised now.

Similarly there exists a set of rules to be followed when it comes to gays texting their potential dates or partners. Here are a few of the texting etiquette bisexuals and gays should know! Let’s lay down the law on this one.

Exclamation marks are a must!

Consider exclamation marks as your best buddies. Do not hesitate to make use of them. It is really mostrous to end your texts with a period. We all are aware of this. Forget about grammar, it’s honestly really unfriendly.

Nah uh, don’t think it’s all bullshit. There is a study that confirms this. Celia Kin led a group of researchers from Binghamton University who reported that texts that end with a period as received as less genuine and sincere. Furthermore, it also makes a person seem heartless and insensitive.

“Text messaging is one of the most frequently used computer-mediated communication (CMC) methods. The rapid pace of texting mimics face-to-face communication, leading to the question of whether the critical non-verbal aspects of conversation, such as tone, are expressed in CMC,” the researchers wrote in their study, which was published in the ‘Computers in Human Behavior’ journal.

So go ahead and start using exclamations from now onwards!! Don’t be heartless, instead be genuine and sincere!!

If you’re free, then always RESPOND:

It’s okay, we all are busy for lengthier periods of time. We hardly get time to sleep peacefully. You’re at work, with family or hanging out with some buddies and you don’t start replying back. Since you don’t want to seem rude. It’s totally understandable.

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But how about times when you’re just ‘Netflix and chilling’? When you’re just lying on bed and scrolling down your Insta feed? You can’t just see a text and be like “Aha, I’ll reply later lol”. That’s absolutely NOT okay. Texting is one of the major mediums that keep people connected – no matter what part of the world they’re in. You will two hundred percent lose contact , “touch”, with this person if you continue with this bad habit.

Don’t initiate a conversation through text and abruptly stop:

Imagine someone who you might have developed a crush on initiates a conversation. You get super excited, feel all these butterflies when you see the three dots appearing on your screen (‘typing’ icon gets me SO excited and stressed at the same time).

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Now imagine, the icon suddenly disappears and the person went offline. Disappointing right? You feel sad, undesired and all such useless emotions over a person who just didn’t send that damn text you were waiting for. Trust me folks, such sort of behavior is not sexy. It’s a far cry from attractive.

If you’re busy, sad, confused or just not in the mood to text then simple – do not start a text and just leave them hanging.

No serious conversations through text:

Texting can lead to misconceptions because of the easily misconstructed toning of it. So don’t just text someone “Hey we gotta talk. Been thinking about it quite a lot so….” Exactly what you just typed. TALK. Whatever it is, have a talk about in person. Don’t be this coward and hides behind texts. Grow up and face any consequences that will follow.

Please don’t send unexpected nudes:

Dating apps or not, sending nudes that weren’t asked for is seriously cringey. No one wants to see the private parts of a person without even texting on a regular basis. Sending nudes that are solicited is great. Ask for sending your intimate pictures BEFORE sending them.

Clearly end the convo:

This is not a compulsory rule in regards with texting. But it is highly appreciated. People like to be known when a conversation has come to a stop and they don’t need to check their screens anymore. So a, “talk to you later” thrown at the end is always better.

Patience is the key:

We get it, when a person doesn’t text back immediately we get annoyed, pissed etc etc. At the same time though – do not bombard them with “???” only ten minutes later. Now such mentality is truly annoying. Even desperate, one might call it. If it’s just a fun, playful back and forth texting, do not be upset or immediately start following up when that other person doesn’t reply right away.

But, if you are making plans to meet and the person is making you wait for their reply – go ahead and follow up. Might as well call them at this point.

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