The Freedom March: Ex-LGBTQs Look To Jesus

The Freedom March: Ex-LGBTQs Look To Jesus

When we speak of Freedom March’s, at least on this website, we usually are talking about how people are advocating for the LGBTQ+ community. But for the first time, we find ourselves at a loss for words.

On May 25th, Washington saw the second annual Freedom March.

What is this Freedom March?

Freedom March is a diverse group of Christians who have given up on their LGBTQ+ lifestyles. Their purpose, as taken from their website, is to connect, bridge and equip. They accomplish this mission by connecting fellow overcomers. They reach out to the LGBTQ community in each city and equip the local churches. Freedom March hopes to bring deliverance to the LGBTQ+ community and point them to Christ.

They consist of “passionate speakers”, pastors, parents, worshippers, activists and students. The young and old from all across America. The Freedom March is not about suppression, it’s about, you already know it, FREEDOM. The march was initiated by Jeffrey McCall, a former Transgender(?) Freedom March: Ex-LGBTQs Look To Jesus
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Jeffery McCall:

“The whole reason why I started the freedom march was because I felt like all these stories of people that have left LGBTQ lifestyles needed to be heard,” Jeffrey McCall, Freedom March organizer said in an interview with CBN News.

McCall has his own story of freedom from the LGBTQ+ lifestyle. He was a homosexual and lived with this lifestyle since age 15. In his early twenties, he began living as a transgender woman named Scarlet and prostituting himself. He says at this point he hit rock bottom and was secretly watching sermons by Pastor Jentezen Franklin.

“I had an encounter with God, and I left everything to follow Him in 2016,” McCall said. “He has been everything I ever wanted and more. And He’s been amazing and kind and good and full of mercy to me. So I will always share what Jesus has done to set me free from a false identity, and show me that I am a son of God through Jesus,” he says. Freedom March: Ex-LGBTQs Look To Jesus
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Voices “need” to hear:

Amongst the many who joined the march were two survivors of the Orlando shootout at Pulse, a gay nightclub. They share how they came to God to “overcome temptation”.

Angel Colon shares his story. He says he cried out to God while he was laying flat on the ground at Pulse. He was shot multiple times. Unable to move from the ground, he declared that he would survive and would worship God for the rest of his life. “That process was not easy at all, but look today, all these overcomers here.”

Colon continues, saying that together the Freedom March are telling the nation that “change is possible in Christ”. “Temptation comes and goes in our lives. But when it stands in our face, we can look at it in the eye and tell it, ‘I don’t want you, I want Jesus.’ That’s how you know you are free”.

“We have learned true peace is, we have learned what true happiness is, we have learned what true love is in Jesus Christ. That our identity is not in our sexuality, but it is in Jesus Christ.” Freedom March: Ex-LGBTQs Look To Jesus
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Is it a lot like conversion therapy?:

Brian Wheelock is a man who formerly lived a homosexual lifestyle. Wheelock explains how he had to research conversion therapy because of the number of people accusing him of it. He says that conversion therapy has nothing to do with his freedom from the “homosexual life”. He also continues saying he doesn’t promote the idea of it either to Life Site News.

Wheelock explains how a couple of times parents reach out to him because their child is part of the LGBTQ+ community. When he found out that they weren’t interested in changing, he told their parents that he wasn’t going to go ahead.

Don’t know what conversion therapy is? Click here, we’ve got you covered.

Personal Opinion:

When I read about the Freedom March, I was taken aback. I don’t think this ‘taken aback’ was much to do with the religious aspect, but rather the belief that the LGBTQ+ was just a lifestyle.

People call themselves ex-gay and ex-transgender, which can perhaps be from a misjudgement of sexuality. It’s a common phenomenon and that’s alright. But the idea that somehow an individual has a choice to change who they are? That’s very iffy.

The facts explain very differently. We know, scientifically, that no one has a choice with the way they were born. Being gay, bisexual, lesbian, trans or just belong to the wide spectrum of sexualities does not make you different. It does not make you “unnatural” “sick” or anything that most people try to shove down your throats. And in this current day and age, being proud of who you are is the way to go. We stand against those who try and coerce you to change who you are.

Be you, and be the damn proudest version of you that you can be.

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