A Queer Musical On Netflix That’ll Make Our Gay Hearts Dance!

A Queer Musical On Netflix That’ll Make Our Gay Hearts Dance!

Netflix has yet again come up with a spectacular musical, with a grand cast and on a topic that needs much attention! This latest addition to the Ryan Murphy film and television universe currently reigning on Netflix, “The Prom” has created a buzz among the netizens on social media.

The first official trailer of the movie musical adaptation of a beloved Broadway musical showcased the star-studded cast which includes, Academy Award winners Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidman; along with Emmy winner James Corden, Andrew RannellsAriana DeBoseKeegan-Michael Key and newcomer Jo Ellen Pellman. The trailer sure looks wholesome and ready to give this holiday season a great deal of zeal.

The film will be available to watch on OTT platform, Netflix from December 11th, 2020.

This year’s buzziest awards season contender, albeit a little late-breaking, and already anticipated for its infectious soundtrack; “The Prom” is the film adaptation of Chad Beguelin, Bob Martin and Matthew Sklar’s award-winning, Tony-nominated Broadway musical of the same name.

The trailer that has our heart!

The movie trailer opens as Jo Ellen Pellman is introducing her character, Emma Nolan, a 17-year-old girl, to the interweb. What follows is a montage of scenes from the film which reveals that Emma just wants to go the prom with her girlfriend. But, guess what? Her school is totally against this and to prevent students from attending prom with their gay partners; the school decides to cancel the prom altogether!
Emma’s video goes viral on social media and reaches Meryl Streep’s character Dee Dee. Dee Dee and her friends are New York Broadway stars, whose careers are facing a slump after an expensive Broadway flop. Hearing about Emma’s plight, Dee Dee convinces her friends (James Corden, Nicole Kidman and Andrew Rannells) that this is the perfect opportunity to support a cause and uplift their careers. So they hit the road and reach Indiana to help Emma and her girlfriend. They confront the conservative school authorities and the skeptical parents.

We hear Dee Dee saying,

“We are not monsters, we are cultural disruptors”.

What follows in the trailer is how Emma confides in Broadway stars after her family rejects her. Dee Dee and her friends decide to give the teenagers the prom they deserve.

But the group of friends find their own lives disrupted when their self-absorbed celebrity intervention backfires, as they unite to give Emma a night where she can genuinely celebrate who she is.

The trailer is an emotional rollercoaster ride, filled with love, passion, romance, friendship, tears, happiness, rage, frustration etc. It seems promising and we’re sure to witness some iconic fashion moments too. The background score in the trailer is perfect and successfully conveys what the characters are going through. The art direction in the trailer looks great and it seems like the movie will fun to watch.
A Queer Musical Who's Trailer Has Us Thrilled!/Dee Dee & Friends/A Netflix Musical That'll Make Our Gay Hearts Dance!
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Actor, Director and Queer representation

Producer and Director Ryan Murphy was instantly drawn towards this story when he first saw the Broadway Musical, The Prom in 2018. Hence Murphy along with screenwriters Bob Martin and Chad Beguelin; who wrote the original Broadway musical; and Composer Matthew Sklar, decided to make a film adaptation of the Tony Award nominated musical.

As a gay man, native of Indiana, Murphy felt a deep, personal connection to the real life cases of LGBTQ+ teens; who were banned to attend school dances with their same-sex dates. And that is the reason the script and the music of this film is inspired by these disheartening stories.


“I hope it provides a way back to some normalcy. This is the prom we all get to have this year. It celebrates movies and celebrates Broadway, and it comes at the end of a very hard year. I’m just incredibly thankful.”- Rayn Murphy in talks with Variety


A Queer Musical Who's Trailer Has Us Thrilled!/Cast & Crew/A Netflix Musical That'll Make Our Gay Hearts Dance!
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The Prom is the debut feature film of Jo Ellen Pellman. For her, its a “Once in a lifetime experience” as she gets a chance to work with some of Hollywood’s finest super stars; and that too in a film that is made to challenge what society thinks is “normal” and “not normal”.

For Ariana DeBose, who made a stunning performance in Hamilton earlier this year; and is one of the very few Latinx actors who is in the awards discussion this year; Its been a busy year for her and we are definitely looking forward to see her in The Prom!

“I feel honored to represent for Latinx and Queer representation.”- Ariana DeBose to Variety

A Queer Musical Who's Trailer Has Us Thrilled!/The-Prom-Poster/A Netflix Musical That'll Make Our Gay Hearts Dance!
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This trailer has certainly peaked our interest and has all of us waiting; in barely contained excitement; for the movie to be released! All of us have really high expectations from Ryan Murphy and his latest masterpiece. And we are eagerly waiting for December 11 to come and give us this amazing ‘Early Christmas Gift’!

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