These Couples Beat All Odds For Their Pandemic Wedding

These Couples Beat All Odds For Their Pandemic Wedding

Social distancing might be the best way to stop the spread of COVID-19, but it didn’t stop these couples from celebrating their love for one another. Due to such unprecedented times, pandemic wedding in virtual and other modes are becoming the need of the hour. In the U.S., virtual weddings via YouTube, Zoom, and other conferencing platforms are becoming so prevalent that The Wedding Spot blog gives a detailed how-to for planning one.

Let us see how these couples defied odds to commit to their partners for a lifetime of love and companionship.

Reilly Jennings and Amanda

Pandemic Weddings/ Quarantine/ Queer Love
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New York City residents Reilly Jennings and her fiancée Amanda had planned their wedding for this October but worried around how Covid-19 would affect the event put the wedding on hold. However, the couple could not let the uncertainty of the future get in the way of their love, so they held their ceremony on the street, on March 23rd instead. Their pandemic wedding celebrated their undying (and impatient), lesbian love for each other and it could not have been any better.

Having already received the marriage license but without anyone to officiate, Reilly and Amanda felt as though their plan may not come together. Then came Matt Wilson, a friend of the bride. Wilson was not only ordained but had presented his certification to the county clerk’s office before it closed and had been recognized as a marriage officiant in New York state. He was the perfect person to perform the ceremony. Wilson shouted nuptials from his window to the brides below, onlookers hung out of their windows. Everyone even stood six feet apart on the street to watch the beautiful celebration of love take place.

Jack Vidra and Cain Marko

Pandemic Weddings/ Quarantine/ Queer Love
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Gay Pornstars Jack Vidra and Cain Marko married at Vidra’s apartment. With only five people present in Vidra’s apartment. About 100 watching this pandemic wedding on a live stream, the pair exchanged vows, did a handfasting ceremony, drank champagne, and cut the cake they had ideated, all while under the ongoing quarantine. One of the witnesses, who lives in Vidra’s building, also cuts the pair’s hair, which is the reason they had fresh haircuts for the event. Photos were also taken by a friend as a favor. In lieu of taking off and putting back on their rings, they did a ceremonial handfasting, finishing their knot in the infinity symbol.

This pair’s love started in a unique way. They seeing each other on social media and apps. When Marko visited Chicago a couple of years ago, they got in touch. However, they quickly lost touch. Eventually, they would run into each other again in Atlanta for the same thing to happen there. One thing led to another and they started dating soon after these coincidental meetings.

“There was a certain level of uncertainty. Initially, the quarantine was going to be over in April, then mid-April. Now it’s the end of April, but if you look at the  news they’re saying we might need to do this for the next 18 months, so who knows when we are going to get back to normal.”

– Vidra says to Out 

Mitch Case and Brian

The couple had been planning their wedding since last summer. Case went down on one knee and proposed to his partner, in the middle of an afternoon dance in Provincetown, Mass. They couldn’t possibly imagine how small their big day would turn out to be. But after COVID-19 showed up, plans had to quickly adapt to the new reality. Mitch Case and his husband Brian tied the knot in an intimate ceremony performed by a coworker in front of two close friends. They all were appropriately standing six feet apart. With Brian’s coworker performing the ceremony, two close friends stood six feet away from them both.

“We figured it was a good idea to pull the trigger on getting married. So that I could be added to Brian’s health insurance if it gets to that.”

– Mitch told PinkNews

César Salza and Kyle Hill

César Salza and Kyle Hill doubted if they’d be able to have the big and beautiful wedding ceremony because of the lockdown. Because of this, they decided to have a quick pandemic wedding on April 18 in a friend’s backyard. Fortunately, they had already received a marriage license before the city of San Francisco stopped issuing them. They then invited eight close friends to the event and the adjoining photoshoot with Kauhi Hookano.

Bri and Lindsey Leaverton

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Pssssst…. I got myself a WIFE last night!!! . . . . . . . Wedding Planner: Cassie Crudo, Bride’s Best Friend @bbfaustin Venue: Doc’s Drive in Theatre @docsdriveintheatre Video: David Wells @go_dwells @boston_bobby Photo: Greg Fulks, Fulks Visions @fulksvision Officiant: Jen Hatmaker @jenhatmaker Bridal bouquets: Remi + Gold @remiandgold Vintage Car: Madre @madrerents Love Sign: D&B Creations @dbcreationsaustin Arch: Party at the Moontower @moontowerrentals Balloon Installations: The Balloon Collective @theballooncollective . . . . #LeavertonPartyOf5 #popuppandemicwedding #twobridesarebetterthanone #lovehardhoney #equallywed #pandemicwedding #wifelife #loveislove #lovewins #engayged #twobrides #equality

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Austin-based couple Bri and Lindsey Leaverton experienced the lockdown as they were in the countdown to their April 10, 2020 wedding. They made a couple of heavy changes to their original plan for obvious reasons. Despite the logistics and setbacks, their friends and families were supportive and “immediately on board” with Bri and Lindsey’s plan B. The big changes to the wedding led to smaller ones, too. The women got ready by themselves. In fact, they did their own hair, makeup, and nails and wore cowboy boots with their dresses instead of heels.

The theater had a 90-car limit and the couple nearly maxed it out with their supportive friends and family. They asked their guests to decorate their cars for the occasion. Also, they had very special people to walk them down the aisle during the ceremony; Lindsey’s twin daughters, Annabelle and Olivia, accompanied her while Bri was with her sister. Throughout the event, everyone maintained proper social distancing and sanitation recommendations.

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